Thursday, October 12, 2017

Hello Fall!

After a full day of soaking rain the glorious fall colors finally popped!

The view from our cabin.

What fun it was to see this hay bale lion welcoming visitors to Whiteface Mountain Ski Area.   

The trees along the AuSable River were spectacular. The river flows northward . . . 

. . .  past our dock . . . 

. . . to the Wilmington Bridge . . . 

. . . and on to Ausable Chasm where it eventually empties into Lake Champlain. 

A rainbow appeared while we were working at the Community Garden :)  

My little harvest :)

And it's that time of year to haul in the dock. My daughter and her husband use ropes and pulleys to raise it out of the water. What manpower! 

Have a great week!

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer

Friday, October 6, 2017

Palmateer Pt, Fall Blocks, Moon, and Quilts

Isn't this the sweetest?? Palmateer Point top is done :) What a fun little QAL with Lori! Check out her blog to see where she got the inspiration for this little piece and to see what others have made.

Thanks, Lori! I'm anxious to start quilting it!

I definitely got carried away making Disappearing Nine Patch blocks and have decided to stop at twelve. Now I'm playing with some sashing and border fabrics but haven't quite found the right mix. I'm trying to use what I have in my stash. This is Version1 but it seems kind of dark. 

And this is Version2. Not sure I'm liking this one either. Too blah. I think it should be brighter. So I'll continue to search . . . 

We drove up to the cabin yesterday and last night the moon was so bright it lit up the driveway and the trees.

I was hoping to take some fall foliage pictures today but there's not much color yet. Instead I'll show you a couple of fall-themed quilts that I made which you may or may not have seen before.

I made Autumn in the High Peaks for my brother's 75th birthday in 2012. I used all leafy fabrics along with some solids from the 60s that once belonged to our mother :)


After I made my brother's quilt I used all the leftover triangles in Falling Leaves. I loved working on this size quilt. It's 27" square, machine pieced, and hand quilted. 

If you have a minute hop on over to Barb V.'s blog. She posted some wonderful pics of her NJ-inspired quilt along with my New Beginnings quilt. Thanks, Barb!  

Have a great week!

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Going in Different Directions

I'd been working on the five extra hexies and appliqueing them to background fabric until I decided to clean out my sewing room and got side-tracked in all directions . . . 


I'm leaning toward this arrangement with a zig-zag border--maybe :) The center hexie still needs to be appliqued. 


Close-ups of the last two. 

As I was saying . . . I began to clean, I mean really clean, my sewing room. I emptied three shelves of novelty fabrics which I plan on giving to our guild for charity quilts. In their place I put wool fabrics that I've had in a storage bin forever. I finally washed them in the washing machine using Ivory dishwashing liquid and threw them in the dryer on the regular cycle. Now they are light and fluffy!

Initially I wanted to make a hooked rug but I've had this table runner in mind ever since I purchased the pattern at a thrift shop last year. I ordered Prairie Cloth on Etsy and hope to get started sometime soon! 

But as I was placing my order I noticed this wonderful cross-stitch pic of Abe and George. So I purchased the pattern and bought some DMC floss.

But I really needed to clean off my work table and had two guild projects that needed attention. First, I made a block (your choice) using the fabric that was provided by the Sunshine Committee. I added the yellow print. Super simple!

Then I made a Disappearing Nine Patch Block. I had picked up the instructions at our last meeting just out of curiosity. Every month guild members have an opportunity to try something new by participating in Block-of-the-Month. For every block you turn in you receive a raffle ticket. A winner is chosen during the meeting. Depending on how many people participate, there are usually enough blocks to make a quilt.  

This month's fabric selection was "Nod to Fall. Break out the reds, oranges and yellows for this Fall-inspired block." I have a lot of fall fabrics and was intending to make only one block but it was so easy I got carried away. 

The unfinished block is 13-1/2". I may keep on going :)

And I've got my pink hsts made for part 3 of Lori's Palmateer Point QAL here :) 

After three days of cleaning out and getting rid of stuff I actually added more projects! Does that ever happen to you??

BTW, those of you who thought the guy in the mural (last post) was Buddy Holly--it was a great guess! My son said it was James Dean so I stopped by the pizzeria today to ask. Sure enough it's James Dean! Thanks for playing along!

Have a great week!

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

#1 Done! Giant Puffballs and Marilyn and ?

Morris Hexathon was #1 on my '17 in 2017' UFO list to quilt and it is now done! 

I started making it over a year ago when Barbara Brackman announced her Morris Hexathon quiltalong. The designs focused on English textile designer, William Morris. One hexie a week for 26-weeks was certainly doable--and fun!  

My pieced hexies ended up being 7" across instead of 8". I didn't discover this until I began cutting the 8" setting blocks and laying them out on my wall. So I had to make a new template and re-cut.

I had yards of both the floral and bird fabrics to play with so I fussy cut those. 

The entire quilt with the exception of a couple of hexies was hand-pieced. I quilted in the ditch on all the pieced blocks and around each hexie . . .

. . . and quilted three concentric hexies in the setting blocks and chevrons in the edge triangles. I used Quilters Dream Request batting.

The back.

A detail. 

I fussy cut the binding and fused the flower on the label. The finished quilt is 63-1/2" wide by 56" long. Yes, wider than it is long.


On another note, it seems every year these Giant Puffball Mushrooms appear in our backyard. The pictures don't do them justice. They are the size of beach balls! 

Over the past few months I've been watching this mural materialize on the side of a building on one of the busy roads in town. It looks like the scaffolding is still up on the far right so assume it's not yet finished. But--who is the guy?? I feel like I should know who he is . . .  Do you?

Make sure you check out Barbara B's blog to see what she's donating to the AQSG auction next month :) 

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Little Things

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things :)

Last Sunday I made 3 pillowcase dresses for little girls in Colombia. Read about Lori's February trip at I purchased these pillowcases at the thrift shop for 50-cents each. I just love the way they turned out. They make me smile!

I started prepping the next "odd" hexie block. It's in black and white because the colors were really, really off. I think I need a new battery for my camera. Anyway, I fussy cut 1-1/8" strips, attached them in spiral fashion, and trimmed the extra fabric.

I turned under the edges 1/4" and appliqued the hexie to the background square. I now have 2 done. Oh, btw, my initials are in the fabric 'B D S'. This hexie was a reject when I was putting together my Morris hexie quilt. It was too big.

Our first guild meeting of the year was held Monday night. The Sunshine Committee put a small packet on each chair asking everyone to make a 9-1/2" unfinished block that will eventually be sewn into a charity quilt. The blocks are due at the February meeting. It's a great way to get everyone involved!

Yesterday I made 25 four-patch blocks for Lori's Palmateer Point quiltalong. I had a stack of 2" squares and chain-stitched them together in no time at all. No fussing just letting the lights and darks fall where they may. It'll be fun to see what the next step is. This will be the 5th small quilt quiltalong I've participated in with Lori. Here are the others:

 All That Madders 2016 

Country Roads 2015

 Cascadia 2014

 Midwinter Blues 2014

There's still time to join in the fun!

Have a great week!

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer


Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Weaving, Flowers, and a Small Finish

Before we left the cabin to come home, I took a few more pics.

I was fascinated with this weaving at the entrance to a neighbor's camp.

Look at those fun fabrics! I think next time I'll leave a note :)

We had lunch in Lake Placid and I was in awe of the beautiful flowers in front of the Mirror Lake Inn. 

Nasturtiums like you've never seen before!

All so beautiful!

I managed to sew the binding on this small piece which I had brought with me. It was the 5th Philadelphia Pavement block that I couldn't use in the top I recently made. In searching for a border fabric I found this wonderful floral polished cotton in Natalie's basket :) It's definitely vintage as it was only 36" wide. 

I had already machine quilted it at home in a simple crosshatch. Sorry, the color is off here.

I named it "Friendship" for the three of us: Barb, Natalie and Laura (Natalie's daughter). I made the block, used Natalie's chintz on the front, and put Laura's fabric on the back :)

In case you didn't know . . . Laura was once a fabric designer for Marcus Brothers :) Love this fabric, Laura! 

Hope to get back on schedule soon.

Have a great week!

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer