Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It's A Huswif!

Well, I fell for another project to make in Quiltmania--a Huswif!

There it is all folded up on the right :)

This is the page that caught my attention. I needed some lightweight cardboard to stiffen each section and found cracker and cereal boxes to be just the right thickness.

Folding and stitching narrow strips of fabric over 1/4" elastic was a challenge.

I chose this fabric for the back. 

I had just enough 1" twill tape to stitch in between the sections and tea-dyed it to make it look old. I also had some leftover binding which was the perfect color to finish the edges. When it was all together I filled it with some vintage sewing supplies.

The buttons are for decoration only. I had stitched a strip of selvage across the top even though the instructions called for grosgrain ribbon. In the pocket I put packets of needles and needle threaders. 

I filled the middle section with an antique needle case, scissors, sewing kit, and a needle book which belonged to my mother-in-law.  

The lower section has another needle book, thread wheel, hooks and eyes, and snaps to complete that vintage look :)

I'll keep it displayed on this dresser where I can see it every time I go to my sewing room :)

Happy Quilting! 

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer  

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Penny Rug Plus

The pennies that I made so many years ago are now all together in one small rug :) I really enjoyed this easy project from beginning to end.

After seeing a wool penny rug in Quiltmania I knew I wanted to make one just like it. It's 16" x 25".

I used moss green wool for the base . . .  

. . . and blanket-stitched all the pennies in place with 6-strand embroidery floss.

When it came time to add the backing I used this decorator fabric.

I trimmed the outer edge to 1/4" and finished it off with dark green floss.  Voila!

Other news . . .

I received this fun fabric from my DIL's mother for my birthday. It's from Livstycket a nonprofit design center in Sweden "that wants to give immigrant women the opportunity to learn the Swedish language in order to break through their isolation and take their place in the community." I think it will be perfect for the Gypsy Wife quilt I hope to make this year.

Last night was our guild's birthday bash meeting with refreshments, demonstrations and a raffle. I won a Binding Winder and a Mini Travel Iron--what fun! 

And this year's raffle quilt made its debut. The red and white houses are so appealing! I think a house quilt is in my future unless I win this one :)

I love the way the reds and whites alternate. So effective!

Wonderful border choice, too!

Have a great week :) 

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer 


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Looking Back At My 2016 List

Last January I made a list of things I wanted to do sewing-wise in 2016 so I took another look to see how I did.   

First, I wanted to participate in at least one quiltalong or block swap. I actually participated in four.

I went on a journey west with Barbara Brackman and her Westering Women BOM series which began in January and ended in December. I started in Independence, MO, traveled through Indian Territory, crossed the Platte River and went over the Hill and Hollow . . . 

. . . to Courthouse Rock and Chimney Rock, on to Fort Laramie where I found the Sage Bud block a bit challenging, then followed the Rocky Mountain Chain to the Road to California :) Thanks, Barbara, for a fun trip!

Then for 6 months beginning in May I participated in Barbara's Morris Hexathon quiltalong. I never would have attempted these hexies on my own but with a goal of one per week it was manageable. I'm in the process of sewing them all together and hope to finish the top by the end of the month. Thanks, Barbara, for the challenge!

In August Barb V. announced her Broken Dishes block swap. It was my first time using Triangles on a Roll and I'm so glad I did. I've got a plan for all the red and white blocks I received but must wait for my hexies to come off the wall so I have the space to play.  Thanks, Barb, for another great swap!

In Sept. Lori at Humble Quilts announced her Quilters Madder quiltalong. I've participated in three of Lori's QALs in the past. I had enough madders and shirtings to make not only one but two small pieces. Thanks, Lori! 

Second on my list was to take a workshop to learn a new technique. Well, it looks like I'll have to carry this one over to 2017!

Third was to try my hand at wool applique.  

I made these two small pin cushions and filled them with crushed walnut shells. A first for me--wool and shells!

Fourth was to make a cute needle case or two. 

This little Needle Nest caught my eye in Kathy Schmitz's book, Simply Red. 

Fifth was to learn big stitch quilting. Maybe this year, lol!

Sixth was to become a better hooker. 

I still have a lot to learn :)

Seventh to add more pics to my Pinterest boards. Well, that's ongoing! I now have 35 boards. The most recent are Hooked Rugs Mainly Houses, Memories, Schoolgirl Samplers, and Book Art. It's also where I keep track of the quilts I make. Check them all out here.

Eighth to Stay Involved. Attending guild meetings and going to quilt shows is ongoing. 

Lastly--to Keep on Quilting! Have you seen the Gypsy Wife quilt by Jen Kingwell?? I envision using 60s and 70s fabrics to make this fun quilt in 2017!

Happy Quilting!

Copyright 2017, Barbara Schaffer


Friday, December 30, 2016

"New Beginnings" Finished!

Last week I brought my newly finished quilt to the cabin so I could wash it. Would you believe the new washing machine I bought last year has no delicate cycle? Never noticed it until I went to use that cycle and it wasn't there. Living in an old house has its challenges like having to find a washer that would fit through the laundry room doorway. There was only ONE and much to my surprise and disappointment it didn't have a delicate cycle. Sigh.

So I washed the quilt at the cabin and laid it on the floor to dry. But it was taking too long and we were expecting company so I put it in the dryer on the lowest delicate cycle for 7 minutes at a time until it was dry. I used Quilters Dream Request batting. 


The color catchers did their job!


I named the quilt New Beginnings and was anxious to take some pics as my husband gave me a new camera for Christmas :)

A close-up of the center.  

A detail of the inner border with pinwheel corner block. 


 The center is quilted in an orange peel design . . . 

. . . the inner border in cross-hatch . . . 

. . . and the grapevine border in diamonds.

I fussy cut the binding.  

The fabrics I put on the back.

And the label :)

Thank you for visiting my blog this year and leaving such wonderful comments. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

So Cute!

Sunday evening we had a wonderful holiday get-together with our good friends, Renee, and her mom, Wilda. We always try and share cooking responsibilities which makes it easy for all of us. And we come up with some pretty good menus, too!

Little did I know Renee had made a basketful of these adorable snowmen to give to her co-workers and wanted me to choose some for the stockings I fill for our grandkids and their cousins.    

I just couldn't stop smiling :)

Thank you, Renee! They are the cutest! 

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a New Year filled with lots of creativity--and, of course, new projects :)

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer


Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It's A Finish! and WW10

I finished the quilt I started in Barb V's Hex-Vex workshop in 2015! I'm calling it "Hexie Heaven." 

I used a dark red fabric with a very fine black stripe as the binding. I love the way those Tumbling Blocks pop! 

There are lots of favorite fabrics in this quilt. The red/white "I Pledge Allegiance" is one, the brown and pink toile is another. The golfer fabric in the star was a freebie at a guild meeting. I don't golf but the scale and size were right, lol!

See the yellow/red Ely & Walker calico? When we bought our house in 1971 that fabric was a kitchen curtain left by the previous owner. The red/yellow Provincial stripe was a gift from fellow-blogger Vivian when we were making stars for Barbara B's Stars In A Time Warp QAL. 

The dress form fabric reminds me of all the sewing I did as the family seamstress so many years ago.

And the blue star with little doggies around the edges was made by my dear friend Rachel :)

This is the fabric I put on the back. Thank you, Susan! Barbie Vanderfleet-Martin did the quilting for me in a very pretty floral/leafy pattern which you can see when you click on the photo. 

I'm a little behind making my Westering Women blocks but did manage to finish #10 Rocky Mountain Chain. I followed the color combination Becky Brown did for Barbara B's blog. Thanks, Becky!

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Pennies and Holiday Spirit

I went to Barnes & Noble the other day intending to buy the latest issue of Quiltmania (which they didn't have) and came home with their Fall Issue of Simply Vintage instead.

The article on making a Penny Rug caught my eye because years ago (probably 20!) I started making wool pennies with the intention of embellishing simple hst wool blocks. 

Well, what do you know?? I had forgotten I made as many as I did back then when I was in my "wool phase." These pennies are 3" vs 2" as suggested in the project instructions so I only had to cut a few more to make this layout complete. I even had a piece of green wool for the background. Now all I have to do is start sewing them in place.

The instructions call for mattress ticking for the back but I think I'll use this chintz decorator fabric instead.  Wow! Instant project :)


This past Sunday the Livingston Historical Society held its annual Christmas Tea at the Force Home which is one of Livingston's oldest homes built c. 1745. 

The small building behind the Force Home is the Cook House which was moved to its present location in 1964 to make way for the "new" Livingston Mall. Both the Cook House and the Force Home are on the State and National Registers of Historic Sites and Places.

Every year members of the Historical Society string popcorn and cranberries for the tree which you can see here in the front parlor. 

And this is the fireplace in that same room all decorated with fresh greens and lemons. 

More holiday decorations on the mantel in the dining room. How festive!

The original walk-in fireplace is in the main room of the house where hot mulled cider and Christmas goodies were spread out on a large table for all to enjoy.

There are a total of four fireplaces in the house including two in the upstairs bedrooms. 

This is actually my favorite room. I love this color blue and the calimanco spread on the bed. There's a chintz quilt top on the rocker in the corner that I'd like to take pictures of someday :)

A Double Irish Chain quilt was in a cradle in the museum room. It has quilted designs in the plain blocks but I couldn't make out what they were.

Finally, my Morris Hexies are on Barbara B's blog this week :) Hop on over to see more.  

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer