Thursday, April 25, 2024

Mountain Mist II

 Wanna see a few more Mountain Mist quilts?

In 1972 I started making Dresden Plate No. 75.

Some of the fabrics were from my high school days and were already 13 years old. Those were combined with samples that were given to me by my grandmother's friend who worked at Macy's NYC in the fabric department.

Each plate was the same and appliqued to the background. 


Fifteen years later, in 1987, I decided to finally quilt it! I traced the quilting pattern onto a manila folder and cut out slots with an X-acto knife. I used a well sharpened No. 2 pencil to mark the lines and then a soap eraser to remove them. I continued to mark, quilt and erase as I went along. Can you believe it???

It is 68" x 84. Here it is on the bed in our NJ house many years ago. I still like looking at this quilt--so many memories!


I made Mountain Mist Quilted Counterpane Pattern Y in 1983. What a challenge! You can read more about it here.

Sometime in the late 80's or early 90's the Basket of Flowers Pattern K caught my eye. I played around with colors on the master sheet.

 I purchased fabrics . . .

. . . and cut out all the pieces.

I made ONE BLOCK and that was it! It's been in a storage container all these years. So I looked at it again thinking maybe there was a remote possibility that I would be moved to make another block or two. But that isn't going to happen! Too bad 'cause I do like the pattern--and the block :)

The last Mountain Mist item is this pattern that I purchased along with the Stearns & Foster catalog (last week's blog post). 

Inside are the instructions for making Pomegranate No. 31 and no, I'm not going to make it :)

I'll leave you with this gorgeous sunset . . . 

Thank you for hanging in there on my Mountain Mist journey :)

Copyright 2024 Barbara Schaffer


  1. Oh! My! Sizzling Bacon!! What a lovely heirloom you've got! Dresden plate is so fantastic! Bravo! Are the little diamonds in the middle pieced or applique? The quilting is astonishingly beautiful. I'm in awe. Too bad for the lovely basket. Could you frame it and quilt it to make a wall hanging? It's too lovely to stay hidden somewhere. Gorgeous sunset. Thanks for sharing. ;^)

    1. Oh, Chantal, thank you for leaving such a delightful comment! The Dresden Plate diamonds are appliqued. Yes, I've actually given some thought to turning that basket block into a small wall hanging. Maybe it will come together :)

  2. It's fun to see the old patterns. Wow, your Dresden is such a masterpiece and you made it at a time when we didn't have the tools we do now. Brava! Also, what a beautiful sunset!

    1. Thank you, Cynthia! Yes, quilting tools have come a long way since I made that quilt. I don't think I could tackle doing it that way now!

  3. i still have a mountain mist pattern for dresden plate...

    1. Do you think you will ever make a quilt from that pattern?