Thursday, December 21, 2023

Updates and Ornaments

I've really fallen behind so I'm trying to squeeze in one more post before the end of the year. 

First, a couple updates on quilts; second, pics of my handmade ornaments from years ago :)

I laid out all the Y2K blocks I've made so far. I'm still enjoying this project! So quick and easy :)

Sometime in late spring, I started making 12" strips of 1" x 2" paper-pieced flying geese thinking I would sew them together end to end. Well, it only took two to make me realize that wasn't going to happen! 

So I combined the geese with 1" squares and finished them off with a leftover strip of floral repro fabric as the border with hsts in the corners. 

Now onto Christmas ornaments . . . 

These are my favorites. I made them in the late 60s early 70s and most likely found the directions in McCall's Needlework & Crafts, Woman's Day, Family Circle or Better Homes and Gardens. 

Christmas card cutouts with vintage ribbons and trims.

Gold cord glued round and round . . .

Clothespin dolls perhaps during the bicentennial?

We loved gathering and decorating milkweed pods and sea shells.

Made from powder puffs, felt, trims, buttons and cotton balls.

Spray-painted wooden spools decorated with sequins and trims. The egg is the only one left of 12 that I made for our very first (tabletop) Christmas tree which actually fell over! I had spent hours blowing out the eggs and adding glitter.  

And paint-by-number. 

Well, I better get busy decorating the tree! All of these will be on it along with others that I didn't photograph. So many heartwarming memories that make me smile :)

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas!  


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