Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Crazy 43-46, Swedish samples

 I'm making progress with Call Me Crazy blocks--only 8 more to go. 

Block 43. All the papers are still on the back so the top row doesn't lay flat. Looks kind of weird but that's the way it is for now.

Block 44. Boy, did I have a problem with those windmill points! 

Block 45.  I like it when there's an easy one thrown in!

Block 46. Now these points were perfect! Must have been a good day :)

The group of four :)

My daughter-in-law gave me a bagful of vintage textiles along with these linen decorator samples which I sewed into a small mat. 

I had this leftover scrap from our Sweden trip years ago and put it on the back. I did straight line quilting from this side because it was easier to mark. The binding fabric was from the Swedish History Museum in Stockholm. 

Here are some of the other items that were in the bag:

A lovely hand-stenciled piece. The wheels are turning with this one!

 Beautiful embroidery!

 Looks like this was a kit--you can still see the blue lines. 

Cute fabric! There were also two lovely hand-worked handkerchiefs, two curtain panels of elephant-themed fabric, white vintage pillowcases with trim and linen towels. Wow! I'm having so much fun!

My granddaughter made this pillow for me for Christmas. Her first time sewing anything! She even made buttonholes by hand to close the bottom opening. I'm so impressed!

I started a new project--what else is new??? Have you ever done any slow stitching? I'm into it :)

It's a little chilly here this morning--only 6 degrees--but nothing like what it is in the midwest. 

That's all for now . . .  

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Thursday, January 4, 2024

Quick Recap of 2023

It was an interesting quilt-making year. I didn't accomplish as much as I would have liked due to Lyme Disease which knocked out most of summer and September but here goes . . . 

Twin-size Framed Tumblers surprised me when I put it on the bed. It looked like two separate quilts--a topper on another one! The good thing is I used up a lot of strips and star blocks that never worked anywhere else.

I made Snowballs for Caroline, Dawn's daughter, when she sent me her mom's reproduction fabrics. The snowballs were from Dawn's antique quilt that I purchased at Dana's auction. You can read more here and here.  

I finally finished Barbara Brackman's Ladies' Aid NY Sampler. It was a fun one to make. I quilted folk art motifs in the blocks rather than an all-over design. 

Selvages I & II. Two quick minis made of selvage strips sent to me by Nancy M. in MI. 

Then there were triangles in Carol Y's scraps that I assembled to make Penguin Party. I must admit there is great satisfaction working on smaller quilts :)

Red Geese was the result of my intention to sew together strips of paper-pieced flying geese but--I gave up after making only two 12-inchers. Nothing more!

I didn't even show you this one. Two years ago I bought some fabric coordinates at my longarm quilter's garage sale and I finally did something with them. I added a leftover star from Stars in a Time Warp and fused a white flower in the center.  

The back. The piece is 24" x 24." It was really fun working with these fabrics!

Don't worry, I still have a list of UFOs that I will be working on this year.  

I'll leave you with this sunrise photo taken with my new iphone :)

 That's all for now . . .  

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