Wednesday, April 29, 2020

April Mini

I wasn't sure if I'd make a mini this month but after I saw a little quilt in one of my favorite books it all came together quickly. 

This is my go-to book when I need some little quilt inspiration.

And this is the quilt that caught my eye. 

I still had some Churn Dash blocks from Barb V's swap and pink fabric that I had picked up at our guild a couple of years ago. That's all I needed. It's 18" x 24".

I thought those zig-zags added a little interest :)  

Even found a piece for the back that was just the right size.

The label :)


And here's how it looks on our table with a lovely Hyacinth from my good friend in NJ. Thank you, Renee!

Wendy will be posting her monthly mini soon so take a look and be inspired. You can always join in on the fun!  

Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

This 'n That

This morning we woke up to frigid temps, howling winds and 2" of snow!  

But just the other day I spotted this beautiful pink cluster of blooms along the driveway.   

What a pleasant surprise!   

I've been doing a little Adirondack decorating. The Bohemian Waxwing watercolor was painted by my granddaughter when she was in high school. She's now an art major at U Delaware and like everyone else is taking online classes from home.

I collect bird nests when they've fallen to the ground. The one on the left was actually found under our canoe.  

I'm making good progress quilting Dear Daughter :)

Sunday morning our daughter and her husband took us on a trail with a beautiful view of a meadow and Whiteface Mountain.

Another view.

A BIG black bear with an important message :)

Take care!

Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Deacon Blocks 25-28 and River

I started this set of Deacon blocks in NJ and finished them in NY :)

It was really important to me to continue making these blocks during our move as I didn't want to fall behind. So far so good!

25. Attributed to Sarah Kemble

I spend a lot of time prepping! Each one of those red rays was appliqued separately unlike the yellow ones in the center which were cut from one piece of fabric. Interesting!

26. Attributeed to Anna W Coles / N Jersey

Last fall I bought a yard of this red fabric for a $1 at the local thrift shop. It looked like a "good" red to me at the time and it worked out just fine. 

27. Attributed to Sarah Ann Kemble

Talk about a challenge! I did both machine and hand piecing and the center is as good as it's going to get. When I finished the block it didn't lay flat so I re-did the corner squares and edge triangles by cutting them a little larger. 

I used motifs from these two oldies for the broderie perse block. The blue is Moda's Material Pleasures "Coral Garden" Tulip Vine by Terry Clothier Thompson and Barbara Brackman and the one on the right is a repro from the Oakland Museum. 

 28. Attributed to Mary S Haines

I fused all the pieces . . .

. . . and finished them with a small zig-zag stitch.  

Now that we are in the north country everything in our little town is within walking distance. The view on my way to the post office :)

Please stay safe!

Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer