Wednesday, April 29, 2020

April Mini

I wasn't sure if I'd make a mini this month but after I saw a little quilt in one of my favorite books it all came together quickly. 

This is my go-to book when I need some little quilt inspiration.

And this is the quilt that caught my eye. 

I still had some Churn Dash blocks from Barb V's swap and pink fabric that I had picked up at our guild a couple of years ago. That's all I needed. It's 18" x 24".

I thought those zig-zags added a little interest :)  

Even found a piece for the back that was just the right size.

The label :)


And here's how it looks on our table with a lovely Hyacinth from my good friend in NJ. Thank you, Renee!

Wendy will be posting her monthly mini soon so take a look and be inspired. You can always join in on the fun!  

Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer


  1. What an absolutely adorable little mini! A great re-creation from your book of inspiration (which I had to source and order)using the resources at hand. Looks so sweet with your hyacinth. Nice work, Barbara!

  2. I love how you can just throw together this sweet mini. It's adorable and looks perfect on your table, flowers included

  3. You've made a beautiful little quilt, and your label is so sweet. It will always remind you of your first days (remember the good; forget the bad!) in your new home. Your quilting looks great! ---"Love"

  4. Another fabulous mini! That is one of my favorite books too and you have captured this little quilt beautifully. So sweet! Thanks for making a mini this month with all you have going. Stay safe and healthy!

  5. I think that is my favorite doll quilt book. So many great photos.
    Your little pink churn dash is perfect for spring. Oh I wish I could smell your hyacinths.

  6. I love churn dash quilts, and this little mini is adorable and so perfect for your spring table. I don't think I have that book, will have to look for a copy.

  7. That's a great book, yes, and your interpretation is lovely. I love how you included on your label that it's the first quilt in your new home!

  8. So pretty... lovely photo with the hyacinth... and you even added a special label!

  9. Your doll quilt is adorable !!

  10. That is so cute and perfect for spring!