Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Aww, So Cute! Plus . . .

Spring is just about here . . . 

I was out for a walk on my way to the Community Garden . . .

. . . when I saw my S-I-L after he had just captured these little guys hiding in the shed. My heart just melted. So cute! 

An early-blooming wildflower, Coltsfoot.

I put quilts on the beds where my granddaughters sleep. I'm really looking forward to seeing them soon :)

Last week when it snowed the mountains were glorious!

I managed to make a few masks and drop them off at Town Hall. I discovered that sewing the ties was so much easier if I used a Bias Tape Maker tool. Wow, what a difference!  

Enjoy your week! 

Copyright 2020, Barbara Schaffer



  1. Indeed that little bunny was sweet to see. Both the quilts are very pretty, and will please your granddaughters no doubt. Of course, I always love seeing beautiful scenery that I'll never get to visit; thanks for sharing. ---"Love"

  2. I just love your grandkids" guest room, with the quilts. How fun it must be for them to sleep there! It reminds me of my Aunt Dixie's farmhouse, many decades ago. Without the quilts, though.

    Awww.... bunnies!

  3. what cute bunnies. How can anyone resist them?
    beautiful mountains and great mask production.
    Your dormered bedroom is charming and the quilts are just perfect. Where do I book that room? lol

  4. At the moment we are over run with Bunnies which doesn't impress us, as they dig up the tree roots and flowers, but I must admit they are cute looking. I love the quilts on your grand-daughters beds!

  5. Its looking cozy and comfy at your house. It sounds like it was Peter Rabbit caught in the garden shed 🐇

  6. They caught Peter in Mr. McGregor's garden! :-) Sweet things.
    Love your quilts.

  7. Peter Rabbit hiding in Mr. McGregor's watering can? So precious! Hope no bunny was harmed in this venture.

  8. Very cute bunny--if it isn't eating your garden. :)
    That room looks so cozy with quilts on the beds.
    Nice job on the masks, and I agree that a bias tape maker is definitely a plus!

  9. Awww bunnies. What a cozy room for your grand daughters. Must be great memories in the making when you have them with you. Your masks look great. I've slowed production although I'm walking today for a meetup to give a family a second set of masks.

  10. The attic bedrooms look so cozy and inviting. I'm sure they are looking forward to visiting you too!
    I love bunnies, but they love gardens and flowers. lol