Wednesday, April 28, 2021

April Mini, Wildflowers, Sunrise

What to do with 4 extra 9-patches?? I had no idea how this month's mini would materialize but it all came together . . . 

. . . with a large floral print, some hsts and a striped border :) Actually, it looks kind of Christmas-y so I will use it when we celebrate the Christmas we missed in July! 

Guess I'd been saving this fabric for the back, lol! I had just enough. If you click on the photo you can see the chevron quilting pattern which is a favorite of mine. Wendy will be posting her mini on Friday so make sure you visit her site and be inspired by all the other mini-makers' quilts. You can even join in!


Sunday morning's wildflower walk/hike with my daughter was a great success! We saw what we set out to see--patches of Bloodroot and Hepatica.


                                                Hepatica in white
                                                Hepatica in blue

                                                Fiddlehead Ferns

While they are not wildflowers these fascinate me. Each fuzzy stem will unfurl into a lush green frond.  


This was the sunrise yesterday morning :) It really made my day!

Have a great week!


Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Deacon 73-76, Wildflowers, Grouse

It's month #19 and only two more to go :)

 The final blocks close in on the middle rows. 

                                              Original attributed to Letitia B. Hale 

#73 had a large empty space in the center so I added a stamp.

#74. This original block is attributed to Aunt Ann Reeves / Mount Holly / 1842. It is so pretty and delicate-looking . . .  (Sentimental Stitches photo)

. . .  but I had trouble finding the right fabric to duplicate that look so went off in an entirely different direction. I cut these motifs from an older repro by Karen Jarrar for Marcus Brothers and machine zig-zagged the edges. 

                                          Original attributed to R.A.H. Woolston

#75 may become my favorite :)

                                            Original attributed to Elias Buzby / 1842  

#76. I always welcome a pieced block thinking it will take less time to make. Most times that's true but what appears to be simple can take a lot longer than expected :)

                                                Blocks 73-76

It's the beginning of wildflower season!

Colts Foot


My daughter and I were out early this morning and photographed this patch of Dutchman's Breeches on top of a rock slab. So beautiful!

On our way home I had to get out of the car to shoo this grouse out of the road. It just didn't want to move. 

Have a wonderful week!


Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer