Wednesday, April 28, 2021

April Mini, Wildflowers, Sunrise

What to do with 4 extra 9-patches?? I had no idea how this month's mini would materialize but it all came together . . . 

. . . with a large floral print, some hsts and a striped border :) Actually, it looks kind of Christmas-y so I will use it when we celebrate the Christmas we missed in July! 

Guess I'd been saving this fabric for the back, lol! I had just enough. If you click on the photo you can see the chevron quilting pattern which is a favorite of mine. Wendy will be posting her mini on Friday so make sure you visit her site and be inspired by all the other mini-makers' quilts. You can even join in!


Sunday morning's wildflower walk/hike with my daughter was a great success! We saw what we set out to see--patches of Bloodroot and Hepatica.


                                                Hepatica in white
                                                Hepatica in blue

                                                Fiddlehead Ferns

While they are not wildflowers these fascinate me. Each fuzzy stem will unfurl into a lush green frond.  


This was the sunrise yesterday morning :) It really made my day!

Have a great week!


Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Lovely flowers and oh what a sunrise. You really went the extra mile for your nine patches and came up with something special. It will be so pretty for Christmas (or anytime).

  2. You made great use of your 4-patches. It is a lovely mini, with the floral fabric adding movement. I can see the chevron quilting design. Very nice effect. And I love that backing fabric.
    Such pretty wildflowers, but the sunrise is the thing that takes my breath away!

  3. Well, I would say that is the perfect solution for leftover 9-patches. I love that large floral and the stripe in the border. Beautiful! I will link you into Friday's post. Thanks for another great mini. And, Kyle must be so proud of you for labeling your quilts "before" you photograph them. I do honestly label all my quilts, but often they get photographed before the label is done. Your wildflower shots are beautiful We do have Bloodroot, but I've never seen Hepatic. I love the blue. I'm just waiting for our trailing arbutus. Mayflower means Spring to me.

  4. This gorgeous mini will span the seasons I think. Beautiful backing fabric too, wouldn't it be nice to have a few extra yards of that. Your wildflowers are ones I have not seen around here, thanks for sharing your photos.

  5. That backing fabric with the twisting ribbons, I'm drooling here! Love it, and the front of your mini! Job well done!

  6. Wow! Your creativity was on fire this month. Amazing how you designed such a complex mini with just 4 leftover nine patches! I always enjoy your wild flower review.

  7. Very nice composition. Great striped border and the backing is pretty.
    Love to see your wildflower photos. I've been bending down to appreciate them. Some are so tiny
    lovely sunrise photo - Wow!