Thursday, May 6, 2021

Tahawus Warmth and Beauty Quilt Exhibit Part I

Quilts by 5 Adirondack quilters are on display at the Tahawus Cultural Center in Ausable Forks, NY. Here are some photos.

"Fancy Flowers" by Luvie Tuller is hand appliqued and hand quilted. It is 88" x 102" with scalloped edges.

A detail.

"Reflection" by Amy Pawlowski depicts her daughter at the Jay Bridge. Amy started quilting 5 years ago when her husband gave her a sewing machine.

All 3,000 pieces were cut individually and put together like a big puzzle.  

 My daughter and I admiring "Irene" by Bethany Krawiec. 

This quilt was made when Hurricane Irene had demolished much of Upper Jay, NY including the Wells Memorial Library. The blocks represent the toppled books.

This Civil War Repro quilt was made by Dawn Klotzko, owner of Cabin Creek Stitchery. It's 90" x 90" and longarm quilted. Dawn was the first quilter I met when we moved here a year ago! She does lots of YouTube posts so take a look and see what she's been up to :)

More to come next week.


Copyright 2021 Barbara Schaffer 


  1. Though I am traditional in my own quilting, I have to say that "Reflection" knocked my socks off!!
    I like the shot of you and your daughter studying "Irene".

  2. Thanks for sharing this quilt show! I'm generally not a modern quilter and rarely use solids, but Irene just glows and struck an immediate chord. I think I need to try something like that.

  3. Thanks for sharing! They are all wonderful and the hand quilting on the first one is amazing, but I think my favorite is Irene because of its emotional power.

  4. I think it's great when a quilt show has such a variety of styles. Glad you got to enjoy it.

  5. Thank you for sharing this exhibit. Oh to see quilts in person! How wonderful! I liked the modern quilt too. Simple but the colors are electric and energenic.