Wednesday, August 31, 2022

August Mini and more . . .

The month's mini was made from Dawn's snowball quilt that I took apart and washed.

Just look at these blues, aren't they wonderful? I ended up hand quilting 1/4" inside each snowball and around the hourglass units. 

I had an old Harriet Hargrave blue for the border and machine quilted a double row of stitching around the entire piece. 

The back is an old double pink and the finished piece is 15" x 21-1/4". 

Wendy's posted her August mini here so be sure and visit. See what other mini-makers have been up to, too :)

On another note . . . 

Every once in a while I'll stop at a local antiques shop in Lake Placid and that's exactly what I did yesterday. Here are some pics of the 'vintage' quilts that were for sale.  

I also saw . . . 

. . . a 1988 framed poster of the Folk Art from the Shelburne Museum exhibit at the National Museum in Washington . . . . 

. . . and a framed Mola?? All hand sewn. 

But I couldn't leave without buying something! So here's what I got . . .

.  . . this Native American weaving . . .

. . . that now joins this one that I bought at the same shop years ago. One more and I'll have a small collection :)

And a small felted coin purse that is new but I simply couldn't resist!

It's hard to believe we're at the end of August and some of the leaves are already beginning to turn.  

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Copyright 2022, Barbara Schaffer

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Fabulous Flowers in LP

It's that time of year in Lake Placid when the flowers are breathtakingly beautiful. Here's what I saw on my walk around Mirror Lake. 

A "wall" of hydrangeas along the sidewalk in front of a private residence.

With echinacea--an all-time favorite.

Hanging baskets in town . .  .

. . . and a cascading display In front of a store. 

The gardens in front of the Mirror Lake Inn . . .

. . . I can't get enough of them!

Across from the inn and near the end of Mirror Lake. 

I re-photographed this quilt that I made in 1990. 

It's called Endless Chain and I got the pattern from Patchwork Quilts magazine, see below (no date). I made it to celebrate my son's 27th birthday, his promotion at work and for buying his first house :) The fabrics are wool and the piece is machine quilted. It's actually one big rectangle, 64" x 34.5". 


The original article says the quilt was made in Blackwater, Ontario, Canada. 

This was my sketch.

I'll leave you with that for now :)

See you next week with my mini!


Copyright 2022, Barbara Schaffer

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

All Over the Place

Do you ever flit from one project to another? Take the time to enjoy nature? Re-do a label so the info is more accurate? Well, that's been my last week or so.

After I finished the journal I made for my granddaughter, I am now totally absorbed in printing pics of all the quilts I've made and putting them in a little album and that is no small feat!

I have some photos in my quilt files . . . 

Others in a binder with detailed info about each quilt but mostly they are in the "Barb's Quilts" file on my computer.

Oh yes, there are also some in a journal/album that I started in 1997! I didn't get very far with this project at the time. I wanted to record some of my favorite snippets of fabrics that I had from when I was in high school sewing clothes for myself and even my mother. But this project went by the wayside, that is, until last week.

Now my pages have pics plus fabrics that were used in a particular quilt. That is, if I had scraps left after making it. 

I like seeing detailed shots along with a fabric or two on each page :) So, I will continue in this mode . . . 

This is one amazing sunset that we've had in the past couple weeks. 

Check out the reflections of the clouds in the river! The water was so still I had to go down to the dock to take some pics.

A cairn at the top of the mountain that Connie and I hiked to last weekend.

Tree fungi--so cool!

I made 'Ancestry' back in 1977 and wrote in the names of my ancestors--some of whom were incorrect. You can read about them here and here.

After all these years of wanting to set the record straight, I finally added a new label :)

More thrift shop fabrics. I need to stop going there, haha!

Enjoy your week!


Copyright 2022, Barbara Schaffer

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Little Journal

My granddaughter turned 19 last month and for her birthday I made this little journal of her gr-grandmother, Etta Bower Davis (my mother), with whom she shares her middle name. Like I mentioned last week I got hooked on a YouTube video of how to make a little 'junk journal' and this is what I came up with.

The cover with a closure of silk ribbon, buttons, and beads from the thrift shop. It's small--2-3/4" x 4". I'll show you some of the pages. 

I reduced the size of the photos and tucked a little something inside each envelope pocket . . 

. . . like this photo that was taken at Clason Point Amusement Park in the Bronx and . . . 

. . . on the back a copy of a page from her 1919 Arithmetic book. Can you believe I had that??

A copy of a card my mother gave to her mother who wrote the note at the bottom to me many years ago: "This from your dear mother when she was little."

The centerfold pockets hold photos of my mother's embroidered flowers.

About 12-14 yrs old on the left and in the pocket a cropped photo of her and her classmates at PS 166 in Manhattan. She was 9 years old and in the 4th grade (1919).

1929 high school photo with drawings she did for the yearbook. 

Her 1935 engagement portrait and tucked inside are photos of my granddaughter and me :)

All in all there are 6 pages with photos and pockets, the center fold with two pockets plus front and back covers. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out and am anxious to start on another one!


This month's Farmhouse flowers. Aren't those lilies gorgeous?

Enjoy your week!


Copyright 2022, Barbara Schaffer