Wednesday, August 17, 2022

All Over the Place

Do you ever flit from one project to another? Take the time to enjoy nature? Re-do a label so the info is more accurate? Well, that's been my last week or so.

After I finished the journal I made for my granddaughter, I am now totally absorbed in printing pics of all the quilts I've made and putting them in a little album and that is no small feat!

I have some photos in my quilt files . . . 

Others in a binder with detailed info about each quilt but mostly they are in the "Barb's Quilts" file on my computer.

Oh yes, there are also some in a journal/album that I started in 1997! I didn't get very far with this project at the time. I wanted to record some of my favorite snippets of fabrics that I had from when I was in high school sewing clothes for myself and even my mother. But this project went by the wayside, that is, until last week.

Now my pages have pics plus fabrics that were used in a particular quilt. That is, if I had scraps left after making it. 

I like seeing detailed shots along with a fabric or two on each page :) So, I will continue in this mode . . . 

This is one amazing sunset that we've had in the past couple weeks. 

Check out the reflections of the clouds in the river! The water was so still I had to go down to the dock to take some pics.

A cairn at the top of the mountain that Connie and I hiked to last weekend.

Tree fungi--so cool!

I made 'Ancestry' back in 1977 and wrote in the names of my ancestors--some of whom were incorrect. You can read about them here and here.

After all these years of wanting to set the record straight, I finally added a new label :)

More thrift shop fabrics. I need to stop going there, haha!

Enjoy your week!


Copyright 2022, Barbara Schaffer


  1. What an accomplishment! I know I could be better at journaling my quilts and you are an inspiration. Your bicentennial quilt is amazing. I have only one quilt left from the 70's. The rest are long gone. You have inspired me to keep better records of my quilts and the fabrics used in them. And, as for that thrift find - oh my, I wish I lived near you!

  2. Keeping records or at least, a photo is such a wonderful way to look back at your quilting journey. It's exciting to look at where you started and where you are now. Taking the time to make an album, change a label and even visit the thrift store was time well spent. I recognized 3 of those "new" fabrics.

  3. I did a printed book of my Mom's quilts and have since updated the digital file with more info I discovered since the printing. Now I want to have a few reprints made for my immediate family. I get it!
    Your journaling is amazing. I kept a quilt journal the first few years of my quilting. When I started my blog I let that slide.
    Recently I have found there had been errors that linked us to a family from the Mayflower--and now we are not. We still have direct lines to 4 other Mayflower occupants, but apparently not 3 that had for a long time shown up in our line.
    I think you should keep going to the thrift store. You could open an etsy shop with all your great finds! ;)

  4. Forgot to say--your nature photos are incredible! Love the sunset, and the clouds reflected in the river is unreal! I've never seen a river that still.

  5. Love the quilt journal! I wish I could find such wonderful fabric at my thrift stores!!

  6. Such a great idea to document your quilts this way! I wish I'd been consistent over the years with that. That is a wonderful Ancestry quilt! Must feel good to get the new label on. Wow, your photos are stunning. The reflection of those beautiful clouds in the water!!!