Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Auction Quilt #2

AS IS. That was the condition of the 2nd quilt I purchased at auction. The bad thing is that it had lots of holes and a cedar chest odor . . .

. . . the good thing is that Dawn had sewn a label on the back: "Snowball was filthy quilt with paisley backing whole cloth quilt inside. Bought 2004, Woodridge, NJ, Dawn Hayes, Montclair, NJ." I don't know what the whole cloth quilt looked like because what I bought was a shell--a hand-pieced top and backing with nothing in between. 

This is the wonderful paisley backing that was pieced lengthwise.

For whatever reason, the top had lots of snowballs that had been removed leaving holes everywhere. Repairs? Damage?

Some sections were still in tact but what to do with this well-worn piece?? After much contemplation I decided it was of no use to me in this condition so I cut it apart in sections eliminating the bad ones and keeping the good. And I knew I wasn't going to piece them back together again.

Yep! I decided to wash the good pieces. The fabrics were a mixture of cottons, cretonnes, and lots of blends--some even looked like silk--so I knew I was taking a gamble. The quilt was really dirty and so was the water! 

For the most part all turned out well. Here is one section washed and dried.

And here are the others drying out on the deck. There are sections that are 2 blocks x 2 blocks, rectangles that are 1 block x 2 blocks, single blocks, 3 x 3's and 2 x 4's and I can't wait to bring new life to these pieces :) Stay tuned . . .


The deer have eaten all of my hostas and lilies but I have two hanging baskets of petunias that make me happy.

Last Wednesday was another banner day at the thrift shop. I got 8 yds of fabric for $8--and most were prints from the New England Quilt Museum :) I wish I knew who was donating all this fabric! She has great taste!

Well, that's all for now. 

Enjoy the week!

Copyright 2022, Barbara Schaffer 


  1. Oh to be close to that wonderful thrift shop! Not that I need more fabric, but those pieces are gorgeous. The paisley backing on your auction quilt is lovely, was it colorfast? Strangely enough the deer have left our hostas and lilies alone, though they've eaten things like banana peppers and our lone rhodium, which I always thought was poisonous to deer.

  2. Fabulous paisley fabric and the saved snowballs look great too. Happy that the quilt bath went well. I've concluded in my little bit of quilt salvage, you do what you can even if it ends up different from the original. Who is that mystery donator?

  3. All I find in our thrift shop is cotton/poly blends...sigh. Your fabric finds are awesome and I love your snowball quilt all clean and ready to create with. You are a brave woman! I might have hand washed it but I'd never have the nerve to put it in the machine, lol. We're battling with rabbits, a gopher, deer and voles. So far it's not too bad but I'm worried about the corn - we have lots of raccoons in the area. Jan in MA

  4. How wonderful that you rescued this old quilt, and will give it new life. Or many new lives! Who indeed is donating all those lovely repro fabrics? I’m glad you are the one finding them!

  5. The clean snowball blocks look 100% better! I htink you made a good decision.

  6. Funny those holes in the top. Maybe she needed those fabrics to fix a quilt that was quilted and dear to her? We'll never know. I love the look of this quilt, having snowballs in a 9-patch formation. It's different and I love it. Kudos to you for daring to wash it. It looks so much better. Intrigued about what you will do with it now. Jackpot on those gorgeous fabrics for a $1 each. Wow! Enjoy!