Thursday, July 7, 2022

Auction Quilt #1

Two weeks ago I attended Dana Auctions and followed along with the quilts that were being auctioned from Dawn's collection. Rachel and I connected for nearly the entire auction and chatted for 4 hours--what fun!

I purchased a "lot" of 3 antique quilts/tops including this Log Cabin. I'll tell you about the other two another time.

This turn-of-the-century top . . .

. . . is completely hand pieced to a muslin foundation. 

There are some wonderful shirting fabrics along with madders, dark greens, pinks, browns and a little red. 

This is the entire piece. Not sure if I will finish this top or not but notice the two extra blocks on the upper left . . . 

. . . I've removed them and will make a monthly mini at some point :)

On another note . . . 

Connie and I went for a hike where she works and were amazed at the size of these large green-leaf plants. They were huge! So had to find out what they were and ended up ordering some seeds on Etsy

This month's Farmhouse flowers. Love those lilies!

We had grilled watermelon steaks as part of our July 4th cookout. Yum! 

See you again, soon!



Copyright 2022 Barbara Schaffer



  1. Love the old log cabin! Aren't those old fabrics like a kind smile and hug?

  2. The log cabin top is a beauty, button you already knew that! Have never had grilled watermelon steaks, interesting.

  3. Thank you for sharing this sweet, quirky quilt. I love it! One of the interesting things to me is that the center squares are both light and dark fabrics and in some places the creator used darks where we would expect to see lights. Delightful!

  4. That log cabin top looks like it is in really good condition. I enjoyed the close shots of the fabrics.
    Oh, my goodness, those leaves are gargantuan! And that is a form of rhubarb? I have never seen the like!
    There are so many delicate, lacy elements to that pretty flower arrangement, and then those white lilies appear to me as trumpets in the midst of it all. So pretty!
    I've never tried grilled watermelon, but it sounds intriguing.

  5. Love that log cabin! It's a beauty!

  6. Oh, I knew you wouldn't be able to resist. The log cabin quilt is a testament to someone's nibble needle. The fabrics are a wonderful collection. Can't wait to see your next mini.

  7. Ooh … nice score with that Log Cabin. You will have fun with it I’m sure, and I look forward to the “bonus” mini!