Wednesday, June 29, 2022

June Mini & Misc

Early one morning it took only a few minutes to jump in and start this month's mini.

The two dark grey strips in the center came from Carol's scraps and the 5" squares were a thrift shop purchase last year.

After playing around I thought these squiggle strips added some pizzazz.

Ants?? Why not?? We have lots of them around here!

I rarely use grays but here they are. 

The finished piece is 21" x 21". Wendy will post her mini on Thursday so hop on over to her blog to see what everyone has been up to this month!

I have a huge garden in the backyard filled with Flag Irises. 

And these marigolds are in our plot at the Community Garden. 

Two weeks ago Connie and I did the 5K Whiskey Run in town. She could have done it on her own but said it was more fun doing it together! I came in 3rd in the 70+ category :) And, boy! was it cold--and windy! Would you believe a high of 44 deg on June 18th?

Happy 4th, everyone! 


Copyright 2022, Barbara Schaffer


  1. The pop of yellow is perfect with the grays and the ants are a whimsical addition;). Congratulations on your third place win!

  2. Your mini has movement everywhere. Love how you're using what you have from Carol and your thrift finds. That's a great challenge. The ants are just too funny. Congrats on your run. 🏅

  3. I can't imagine how happy you have made Carol by utilizing so many of her delicious scraps. I don't use gray very often either and I just love this little mini! And congratulations on your win. What a great accomplishment, especially in that cold weather. Kudos!!

  4. A celebration of ants 🐜 - how appropriate for June! Your mini will make a perfect porch table topper, especially if you have a vase of peonies on it. We've had some cold days too along with very hot and humid days, seesaw weather. Happy 4th!

  5. What a pretty quilt. Greys and ants can look beautiful.

  6. Such clever use of the fabric bits, and adding the ants was brilliant. Love the unexpected!
    I am not much of a grey user, either. Hardly have any of it in my stash, but you made it shine!
    Beautiful flowers. Love purple and orange together.
    Kudos to you for running, and for finishing third in your age bracket. Very impressive!

  7. Barbara … I love the gray quilt! The pinks and yellows really pop out within the gray frames - which have a lot of textual interest on their own - giving a multiple areas of focus to land on. Very creative thinking!