Wednesday, May 1, 2024

It's A Finish--Antebellum!

Antebellum aka My Inking Journey began in 2018 when Barbara Brackman announced her Antebellum Block of the Month here.  

I chose to reproduce inkings from antique signature quilts and added the names of my ancestors to make it more personal. But the block above has my name in the banner :)

Here are a few more . . . 



The top was done in 2019 and then it sat. I couldn't make up my mind how to quilt it--by hand in long cables in the striped sections and straight lines following each block pattern--but it was completely overwhelming to even think about.

That is, until I brought it to Dawn K. earlier this year to be machine quilted in a large leafy vine design. (her photo)

It is queen size and I love the way it looks on my Adirondack-style bed :)


Then on a whim yesterday, I pulled out these unfinished appliqued blocks and laid them out on the railing in my sewing room. All were made in the mid 1980s after taking a class with Ellie Sienkiewicz at the American Quilters Society Show in Paducah.

Aside from the basket block you saw last week, the red/green leaf blocks on the right were all made in 2015. Well, guess what? The wheels are turning about how to combine them all into one sampler quilt. There are 10 all together but I will choose 9. Plus the two groups are different sizes (not by much) and will need to figure that out. 

Isn't this Blood Root beautiful? Wildflowers are finally popping up in the woods and I will share more with you next time. 

Happy Spring! 

Copyright 2024 Barbara Schaffer


  1. Wow, what a beauty. Your drawings are so beautiful. It does look great on the rustic bed. What a meaningful quilt, with your ancestors' names. Happy spring, with the wildflowers blooming.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm very happy to have this quilt finished :)

  2. I'm so impressed with your beautiful ink work and your steady hand with the script signatures. This quilt is a family treasure! Hope you are enjoying the same warm sunshine we've had the past few days. The goldfinches arrived enmasse on Monday and yesterday the hummingbird flew up to the kitchen window letting me know of his return. How do they know to do that?!

    1. Thank you! It's been kind of grey and rainy lately--and cool with temps in the low 40's overnight. We've had a lot of goldfinches, too! It's amazing how that hummingbird let you know of his return. So sweet!