Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Churn Dash, LC Blocks, Flowers, Clouds

 Just trying to catch up a little . .  . 

Churn Dash top is done. I hung it on the railing in my sewing space so I could see it from below.

A (dark) detail showing the striped border fabric from the thrift shop. Next up is the backing :)

New Project! On a whim I started making 9" log cabin blocks from the strips I'd accumulated and stored in a drawer. I was inclined to do only browns and neutrals but I have so many red and blue strips that I'm going to do some blocks with those, too. Then, who knows? Maybe I'll mix them all up! 

Two weeks ago, on a warm (!) spring day, Connie took us to Ausable Marsh on Lake Champlain. The water was so clear!

The view looking across at the Vermont skyline was dotted with really low puffy clouds.

And talking about clouds--check out these pink ones taken from our deck last week.  

And a long-awaited colorful sunset!

My Easter Sunday centerpiece consisted of pretty flowers from the local supermarket and a fun hand-crocheted doily from the thrift shop. There are eight purple clusters with 44 grapes in each one.   

I have had this orchid almost a year now and I am thrilled to see it blooming again!

The sunrise this morning :) 

That's all for now. 

Enjoy your week! 


Copyright 2023 Barbara Schaffer


  1. How lovely to have a rail from which to view your newest quilt creations! Your border fabric for the churn dash blocks is perfect. Pretty orchid, we also have one that reblooms each spring, the second one stays dormant and just takes up space.

  2. I LOVE your churn dash quilt! It’s just wonderful. Can’t go wrong with a log cabin and I look forward to seeing it develop. Thanks for sharing the lovely sky photos and Easter bouquet.

    1. Thank you, Gladi! I'm hooked on making log cabin blocks!

  3. A great finish on the Churn Dash. Nice choice for the sashing.
    I think a blue or red log thrown in among the brown logs is a good look.
    Gorgeous views of the lake, the clouds, and the flowers. Love that doily from the thrift shop!
    I think your orchid is in a happy place. :)

  4. I love the doily. It reminds me so much of my late mother who loved to crochet. It's just a way to make things look prettier.

  5. I like your churn dash blos as a square in a square design. Stripe patterns always make a great border or binding. It's nice when a spring day allows you to go outside and explore. Starting with one color combination for your log cabin seems the way to go, but then you look at all of the other great colors that want to play...😉

  6. Your churn dash top is so lovely. How nice that you can hang it and see it from some distance right in your own home. Log cabins are classic and oh so fun to piece! Lovely pink clouds perfect for springtime.

  7. Happy Spring - love your centerpiece and thrift shop find.
    I'm trying to catch up on my blogs and I was delighted to see your churn dash top. It looks great and is ready for quilting.
    I drove to Rochester last week and thought of you - your lakeside retreat home has a beautiful view!

  8. YOur churn dash quilt top looks great hanging there! Nicely done!
    That doily is so sweet. I don't recall ever seeing one like that. Beautiful spring bouquet and such a lovely night on the lake. Our spring weather has been hit or miss for sure.