Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Crazy 9-12, Trail Cam Etc.

 Call Me Crazy blocks 9-12 are done :)

Four more 6" blocks to add to this ongoing project offered by Gay at Sentimental Stitches and each one is a mini challenge.

When the blocks are set by side the look is very reminiscent of the original below and that's why I wanted to participate in this fun block of the week.

                                                    Sentimental Stitches photo  

I changed the little display in my sewing space. I don't think I've ever hung three minis with orange as the focus. 


*Trail Cam News*

After one unsuccessful try, Connie and I then fastened the trail cam to a tree in the woods and after two weeks we got these photos:  

 First up: a squirrel . . . 

then a deer . . . 

 then two foxes . . . 

And finally a wild turkey. Not bad, huh? So for the next 2 weeks the cam is strapped to our boat rack down near the river and we're hoping for some new surprises!

But just the other day I watched as one deer fell through thin ice into the river. My initial reaction was "Oh, no!" but it managed to get up and out. Whew! 

This hand-made wool mat caught my eye at the antiques shop last week and I had to go back and buy it.

Here's a detail of the center. Wool strips in various forms--rolled, pleated, folded  and even gathered--are stitched together with a heavy-duty thread. The piece is over an inch thick. I love the handwork, don't you?

That's all for this week. It was 16 deg this morning and I am so ready for warmer weather. Please send some my way :)


Copyright 2023 Barbara Schaffer


  1. I love your Call Me Crazy blocks!
    Your display of little quilts with orange is very cheerful.
    How fun to catch glimpses of so much wildlife on your trail cam. Glad the deer that broke through the ice got out okay!
    What a creative wool mat! Do you think it was difficult to stitch through all of the folded and gathered wool? My fingers feel pain just thinking about it!

  2. Crazy! Those blocks are going to be absolutely crazy! Totally charming! Sorry no warm weather here to send your way.

  3. Your trail cam takes some amazing photos, ours mostly just picks up blurry shots of our dog and cat. Will have to check on last night's activity since there were bear tracks in the snow this morning next to the empty suet feeder. We're having to remove the suet every evening plus the seed feeders as said bear keeps coming back. The wool mat was a great find! Great progress on your Call Me Crazy blocks. That project would be a perfect learning experience in constructing a scrappy quilt of orphan blocks. If only there was more time ....

  4. I adore your Call me Crazy quilt! I love the trail cam!