Wednesday, April 26, 2023

New Little Quilt, Flower, TS, Rolodex and GBH

Two years ago I received an envelope of selvage strips from Nancy M. in MI and it took me all this time to get moving. Sometimes that happens :)

After sorting and ironing, I started stitching them onto two scrap strips of muslin with no real plan in mind. This time instead of top stitching I butted the strips and zig-zagged them together. 

I added long selvage strips on two sides . . . 

. . . then 2-1/2" borders. 


You can see the machine quilting on the back and it's pretty basic--all straight lines--nothing fancy. The label is done but needs to be attached:) Thank you, Nancy!

It's blooming! The Amaryllis bulb--that my friend Renee sent up via her co-worker--is absolutely gorgeous! 

I really have to stop going to the thrift shop! Haha! Recently, I couldn't resist this pair of crocheted potholders and a framed scherenschnitte with ducks, rooster, bunnies and flowers. I always thought I wanted to get into this craft but after making a couple Valentine's Day cards I realized it wasn't for me. 

I've taken a little break from my Rolodex project but thought I'd share a few cards with a Native American theme. These are the fronts . . .

. . . and these are the backs. The top two photos are sections of a wool jacket that I was making many years ago and testing my skills of machine applique. The middle left is a souvenir child's vest from Niagara Falls and on the right a weaving that I purchased at the antiques shop in LP. The bottom is a photo of other collectibles. All wonderful memories :)

Look close and you can see a Great Blue Heron in a nest at the very top of a pine tree in our driveway. This pic was taken by putting my camera up to the lens of a birding scope. I keep trying to get a good shot and this is the best one so far. There are actually 3 GBHs up there. The one in the nest takes off, circles around and comes back and extends it's head straight up. We've read this is a mating ritual. The other two squawk and "fight." It's all so interesting!

That's all for now. I'll be back next week with four more Crazy blocks.


Copyright 2023, Barbara Schaffer  


  1. I really like what you created with the selvages. I have saved them and sent them to friends who were collecting them, but I have never used them to make anything. Grace, at citymouse blog, has made several clever items with selvages. Her creations and yours tempt me a bit to keep the little pile I currently have. :)
    Your flower is gorgeous.
    I know what you mean about staying away from shops. I almost stopped in at one on my way home from town yesterday, and then caught myself, and changed course. LOL
    Those are really nice additions to your rolodex file. You do such good work.
    I'd say you did pretty well with the Heron photo. We had a white egret land in a tree across the road and I was so excited my hands shook and the photo is blurry. I haven't seen one since, and that was years ago!

  2. Charming little selvage quilt. It's fun to look at all the different designs. I'm in the habit of just quickly trimming them off. Those blooms are so large it's a wonder the pot doesn't tip over! You've created so many different themes with your rolodex cards. Each one very clever.

  3. Oh my! I'd like to say you have inspired me to open up my overflowing bag of selvages, but I make no promises. It is simply fabulous! Your rolodex cards are amazing. So clever. So nice to be able to catch up on a few blogs. Enjoy the day!

  4. What a great way to get a photo of the bird! I love watching them.
    So creative little quilt with the selvages!!
    You find the cutest things at the thrift store. Love your memory rolodex card journal.