Wednesday, September 29, 2021

September Mini Plus

I made this month's mini from leftover tumblers.

There were just enough pieces to make this little quilt. Of course, the source of those pieces remains an unfinished UFO so I think it's about time to focus on that one to get it done! 

In the ditch quilting all the way around and extending the tumbler shape to the outer edges of the top and bottom. (Click for a better view)

A small piece from my TS purchase a couple weeks ago certainly came in handy for the back.

I hung it with two more minis to create a pink theme this month.

This is the pumpkin seed stencil I used for both my August mini and the border on Marbles. I ordered it from The Stencil Company years ago but I see it is still available here

And the stencil on the left worked for the center of each circle in Marbles and the one on the right for the border in August mini.  

I added another round to my scrap quilt--an ongoing project :)

Wendy will most likely post her mini tomorrow so hop on over to see more little quilts. The list of participants keeps growing. What fun! 

The leaves are beginning to turn so stay tuned for some scenic pics in the near future. 

That's all for now . . .


Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer


  1. What a cute little tumbler quilt. I think it is usually more fun to play with the leftovers from a project than the actual project. :)
    Your display of three pink-infused minis looks very nice.
    I like using stencils on many of my quilts. It helps me come up with designs to sort through them and get ideas.
    Love how your scrap quilt is coming along!

  2. Love your leftovers mini. It's fun when there are just enough leftover pieces to complete a design. And your scrap quilt is going to be a fabulous puzzle when finished! How large is it at this point? I'm also a fan of stencils for both hand and machine quilting, though the orange-peel is one I haven't tried using yet. It was perfect for your August mini.

  3. Oh, I love, love, love this one! Somehow the tumble shape just takes me back to the 19th century. I don't know why I don't make more of them as I love that shape. This little one is perfect! It also looks great with the others on that wall. Your ongoing scrap quilt is coming along nicely. My favorite kind of quilt! Thanks for another great mini.

  4. I always love how you pick out a few leftover pieces and create the cutest minis. This one makes a perfect addition to your pink display. Your scrap quilt continues to grow in all of its scrappy goodness.

  5. Barbara me encanta tu mini de vasos

  6. Your tumbler quilt is so sweet. I love your pink quilts and it's just such a cozy-looking nooky place to display a few minis.

  7. What a darling little quilt, looks great visiting with its friends too!

  8. Your tumbler quilt is charming, especially grouped on the wall - love them together.
    I have all those classic stencils too!