Thursday, September 9, 2021

Walk Around the Lake

 One of my favorite things to do is walk around Mirror Lake in Lake Placid. 

It's only 2.5 miles but the view is wonderful and the flowers are gorgeous!

I parked my car in town and started walking counter clockwise along the beach and past some amazing houses.

I saw a small group of mallards doing what ducks do and definitely not afraid.

Then came the flowers--oh, the flowers! This is one of many planters spaced out along the route.

Check out these hydrangeas in front of a private residence.

About 3/4 of the way around I stopped to take photos of the lush gardens in front of the Mirror Lake Inn.

I dream of having a garden like this someday:)

I went back to my car (had to complete the entire route, lol!) and then walked back through town and treated myself to a new pair of Hoka running shoes. Love the added cushioning! 

Yesterday I stopped by the thrift shop . . . 

. . . and came home with more fabrics (L to R): Promenade II by Le Rouvray for Free Spirit, Old Glory V by Nancy Gere Windham, Judy Rothermel Old Sturbridge Village Collection, Victorian Botanicals by Pam Weeks for P&B Textiles, and Blue Skies by Thimbleberries for RJR. 

A charm packet of 125 5" squares. . . 

. . . and two Old Navajo Sampler block patterns by One Horse Studio. My initial thought was to make monthly minis but I've decided to go back on Saturday and buy the rest--I think there's 12 total. Plus they are only $1.00 each! How can I resist????

When I paid for these goodies the cashier wondered what was going on with all the fabric sales that day. I told her I was a quilter and she said another person was in earlier and bought a whole big stack. Uh-oh!  

Enjoy your week!


Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Looks like a lovely walk!
    There is a smaller lake up the nearby canyon here that has been designated by the U.S. Forest Service as a wildflower viewing area. When we go walk around that trail I always wish I knew wildflowers as well as you do. And the trail is only half as long as this one you do. The trail is not paved and a little rough in places, but still not what I would call a "hike".
    Nice shoes. Love the color. I just bought myself a new pair last month and tried on Hokas, but ended up buying Brooks. I have a very high instep and the Brooks had more cushion for that.
    Wow--is this the same thrift store where you made the earlier haul? Sounds like someone else has discovered it. You may have competition. But you made another great bunch of finds!

  2. I think the lesson here is visit the thrift shop BEFORE taking your walk around the lake! Another wonderful haul of fabrics, and I love those patterns!

  3. Oh my... you're very lucky to find again these fabrics !! Enjoy !! :)) The flowers are beautiful !

  4. You definitely have better thrift stores than we do! I have yet to find one piece of usable fabric in any of ours. Maybe we Yankee quilters don't want to give up the goods! The lake walk looks so inviting.

  5. What a gorgeous walk! The flowers are amazing. They do love to be near water don't they?
    I tried Hoka's but didn't like them, maybe I should give them another try.
    Lucky finds at the thrift store. Hope you get the rest of the patterns.

  6. Great score on the fabric! I have nice memories of staying at Mirror Lake Inn a couple of times. Thanks for sharing the photos out and about Mirror Lake - lovely!!

  7. It must be amazing to have that beautiful lake to walk around! My daughter has suggested Hokas and someday I will try those. Wonderful to have a thrift store like that. Maybe you will run into the other quilter there someday;).

  8. What a beautiful area. I'd love to visit this part of NY one day. Some like minded quilter was destashing or her family was. Glad you got a few more great pieces. Don't you wonder who the other person was!

  9. Nice walk! I hope you do meet the other quilter! And I hope that you get the rest of the patterns, they look so interesting. I don't usually find nice fabric at our thrift shops, like Wendy says, Yankees hold on to our stashes! Jan in MA