Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Thrift Shop Banner Day!

As you all know, I am a thrift shop junkie and last week my visit proved to be a banner day!

I spent $17.00 on fabric and here's what I got . . . 

Two yards of Winterthur Museum John Hewson birds by Andover Fabrics.

Winterthur Museum John Hewson Vase panels by Andover.

3 yards of a George Washington toile From the Collection of Judy Rothermel Marcus Brothers. 

1 yard of Old Glory V by Nancy Gere Windham Fabrics.

1 yard each of two colorways of The Flags of Freedom Old Glory V by Nancy Gere, Windham.

2 yds of Civil War Anthem by Barbara Brackman and Terry Clothier Thompson :)

And a ziploc filled with fat quarters.

I often think of the person who donated all this fabric to the thrift shop. She must have been a quilter. All these fabrics fit in with my quilt-making style and the wheels are already turning. 

I finally bought a new Adirondack-style lamp to go with THE Adirondack bed :)

This hydrangea blossom is huge. The bush is growing in my daughter's yard.

This scrap project increases by the day. I continue to add rounds and will keep doing so until who knows when :)

That's all for now. See you next time.

Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Wow! What an incredible score! And total kismet that they ended up with a quilter such as you. I can’t wait to see these fabrics as they appear in their future lives. Your Adirondack ensemble is coming along nicely, and so is your gorgeous scrap quilt. Love this post!

  2. What gorgeous fabrics! It would have to be a quilter to recognize what a treasure trove they are! Looking forward to seeing what you create with them

  3. I love thrift store shopping, too, but I have never struck the Mother Lode like this. Wow--you were in the right place at the right time, and it all couldn't have gone to a better home! I look forward to seeing these beauties show up in future projects!!

  4. If only ... we had a thrift store like yours! Fabulous finds, perfect for you!

  5. Oh my, what a haul indeed! How exciting! I can't think of a better person to be the new keeper of this great fabric. Your scrap quilt is coming along beautifully! How I love those scrappy quilts! Enjoy your new haul!

  6. Wow! You made some really delightful purchases. I found an old column print by Terry Clothier Thompson at a give-away table at my quilt group's summer picnic. I was so thrilled! I can only imagine how excited you must be.

  7. Amazing!!! A find like this is pretty rare. As other commenters have said, those fabrics went to the right person. Enjoy!!!

  8. That quilter would be super glad you found all of her treasures. What great finds.

  9. You really hit the jackpot and the original quilter who donated the fabrics would be happy they went to you! I love your scrappy quilt in progress.

  10. WOW, you hit the shop at the right time to find a bonanza! What a prize of goodies you found. Looking forward to seeing what you make with these goodies!

  11. I need to know where is that thrift store because I need to shop there too. LOL. I would never be able to find such wonderful fabric up here. You scored BIG. Enjoy! ;^)

  12. What incredible finds at the thrift shop. The fabric are amazing.
    The lamp is just perfect next to the THE bed :)