Wednesday, September 15, 2021

August Mini Finished

 I finally finished my August mini. Here are some photos:

I quilted the center in a pumpkin seed pattern. . .

. . . and really like the way it looks.

The borders were quilted in a cable design.


The fabric on the back is exactly the same as the border on the front except this has birds in two strips. And it's a different colorway than the front--purple vs brown. Another thrift shop find, of course!

And here it is all finished! I washed it and put it in the dryer so it has that crinkly look. It's 27" x 27".

Yes, it's labelled :)

The view from the little park next to the TS :)

Last Saturday, there was a festival at another park in town and the Wildlife Refuge brought this turtle for all to see. Did you know turtles like to be petted? 

Another amazing sunset last week as the sky changed from this to . . .

. . . this. Wow! 

FYI, I did go back to the TS and bought the other 10 block patterns for the Old Navajo Sampler :) Yay!

See you next week. 


Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Oh my, that was worth the wait! It is sensational. My favorite kind of quilt and it is even better that so much of the fabric was a thrift store find. Thanks for another super mini. As for that turtle - he is simply adorable! We have mostly snappers and painted turtles here. I have only seen a box turtle once. I had a pert snapping turtle when I grew up. Well, he wasn't really a pet since my mother made me promise to never touch him! Once day my dad caught 2 mice in the chicken coop and I took them down to the pond's edge to see what would happen. Sure enough "Sluggo" (that's what I called him) came out and snapped them up. I swear he looked right at me as if to say thank you. I fed him captured mice and road kill frogs for many years. I made sure to do it only once a week so he wouldn't rely on my handouts, but I loved watching him.

  2. Barbara ¡felicidades! maravilloso edredón

  3. I so love your August mini, especially the fact that it’s composed of thrifted materials. Right up my alley! I’ll need to look back and read about the Navajo sampler, which sounds very intriguing.

    Your sunset photos are amazing! You have an excellent sense of timing, or sheer good luck - maybe both!

    So when you pet a tortoise, does he purr? 😸

  4. What an excellent little finish! Just as cute and crinkly as it can be. :) Good use of your thrift shop finds!
    That looks like a lovely park near the thrift store.
    I have to ask, how can a turtle tell it is being petted? Does the shell have the sense of touch?
    More gorgeous sunsets! Love them. :)

  5. Gosh, your quilt looks like it's truly vintage. Perfect fabrics! I had to smile when you casually mentioned that you had returned to the thrift store. :0)

  6. I'm glad the patterns were still available when you went back. The first two were really nice and I was hoping you'd go get the rest.

  7. Your little quilt sparkles and is so pretty. I love how you quilted it. Cute turtle!