Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pin Cushions, Morris Hexie3, and a Trillium

I had these two pincushion projects on my 'to-do' list for 2016 and now they are done! A little diversion from quilting this past week.


Rachel gave me the top one--a free project at a quilt guild last year--and the one on the bottom I purchased at Quilt Fest NJ in March. 

I made this one first and realized I was little "rusty" not having done any embroidery for a long time. There was no problem choosing buttons--I have mason jars full! I found a pretty pin to add for the finishing touch. 

The instructions called for Ground Walnut Shells as the filler. Okay, where do I buy that??

I checked Amazon first and then went to our local pet supply store where I bought a bag of Kaytee Walnut Pet Bird Litter. 

I spooned about 1-1/4 cups into the Birdee and doubled that amount for the larger one. I like the added weight vs lightweight Polyfil.

Would you like to see my small collection of vintage pin cushions?

An Adirondack-style souvenir with wood base and bark still intact  . . .

. . . sewing basket essentials . . . 

. . . a hat trimmed in rick-rack, artificial flowers, and nylon net . . . 

. . . and a crocheted pincushion with silk ribbon. 

This weekend I managed to hand-piece Camelot Star. Funny, I don't do well sewing when I'm away from home but was determined to get this one done before it was time to think about #4 :)

Morris hexies 1-3. Doesn't the middle one "appear" to be so much larger than the other two?? A trick of the eye! 

I love photographing wildflowers when we're at the cabin and spotted this stunning Red Trillium at the edge of the woods in our backyard :)

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer


  1. I find it difficult to get any stitching done away from home too, but looks like you did fine this time. Your vintage pin cushions are adorable. Hope you get some stitching in today!

  2. The trillium is a special treat! Nice to see your pin cushion collection. The Adirondack one is very exuberant. I collect pin cushions--but only ones in baskets.

  3. Lovely new pincushions - and they'll sit nicely amongst your varied collection. I love walnut shell in pincushions - it is available from craft shops here but no doubt a lot more economical to buy from a pet shop! What a stunning flower!

  4. You have a great collection and two new ones. I like using crushed walnut shells in the ones I've made . Thanks for sharing such a beautiful photo of the trillium. I don't believe I've ever seen one before.

  5. You have a lovely collection of pincushions ! The one with buttons is so cute !
    I wish you a lovely time at the cabin ! Enjoy !

  6. Gorgeous red trillium - our woods are filled with white - have never spotted a red. Wonderful hexies - great fabric combinations. I find it difficult to do any handwork in the car...we pull a large 5th wheel and I always feel that I need to be a 2nd pair of eyes for my husband. But come evening & we stop for the day, after a good walk - out comes the current project!

  7. fun post. Great pincushion collection. Jill used to have us make them from time to time and I inherited her fab of walnut shells.
    pretty trillium and great hexies!!