Friday, June 24, 2016

GSQ & Fabrics & Hexies & Turtles & Sunset

Garden State Quilters held its last meeting of the year two weeks ago. We got to see the raffle quilt in progress and buy goodies at the marketplace. Members brought in fabrics, notions, and books they no longer wanted for resale with the proceeds going to the guild. I donated some fabrics but also supported the guild :)

These are 12" blocks for the raffle quilt inspired by the book Red and White Quilts: Infinite Variety. Aren't they fun? 

I bought this nice assortment of fabrics and went back a third time to buy the dotted stripe in the background.

Rachel surprised me with this fabric :) It'll be perfect for my Morris hexies. 

Speaking of hexies here is Morris #6 South Kensington Star. I couldn't believe how hard it was to make 12 points come together in the center. I ripped out the first version and pieced it all over again but I'm still not happy with it. Now you know why I sewed the little hex over the seams in the center! I'm determined to try it again.

After feeling a little frustrated (!) I decided to make another #1 Westminster. Quick and easy, lol! 

#7 Avebury Stones. The little floral print I had just purchased was perfect for this hexie. 


Nealy every year at the cabin this snapping turtle makes its way up the hill in our backyard to lay eggs. But we never see any evidence of its young. My daughter took this pic early one morning. 

A beautiful sunset Memorial Day weekend. 

I'll be back next Wed. for my regularly scheduled post. A computer virus caused some major problems this week! 

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer



  1. Love the house quilt blocks. You should be able to raise lots of $$ with this one. And I for one like the little hexie in the middle of your twelve points. Not only ingenious, but beautiful!

  2. The quilt with houses is awesome ! Wow...there are many beauties in this book and lot of inspiration !
    I love your blocks too from BB. I'm in too but i'm late..I will post some photos next week !
    Have a computer virus is soooo boring and i hope you didn't lose anything....

  3. wee I love the Turtle photos!
    the houses are a wonderful and traditional raffle quilt - how nice.
    lovely EPP and that birdy fabrics is so so cute.

  4. The r & w blocks will be a fantastic raffle quilt and it looked like you found a few treasures at the guild meeting. Getting 12 points to come together perfectly is a huge challenge. I actually like the little hexie in the middle.
    Hope you get your virus cleared up. I have no idea how to take care of those things.

  5. Love the red & white houses and that they are opposites of each other.
    I am on a quest for bird fabrics very similar to what you show in your blog post. I want to use it as broderie perse on an applique block or two or three.