Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Needle Nest, WW5, Morris Hexies 4,5

All I can say is thank goodness for this blog, lol! It really helps me stay focused. This was a good week. I made a Needle Nest, sewed Westering Women 5, and Morris hexies 4 & 5 :)

I purchased this book a while ago because of my ongoing quest to make a red and white quilt. But then the Needle Nest caught my eye

It's one large circle embroidered, quilted, and stitched together with a flannel back. 

A piece of ribbon is on the top and bottom and a snap is on both sides. So when you snap-and-tie you get this cute little pie-shaped needle case. This is the front. . . 

. . . and this is the back. How cute!

The 5th block in the Westering Women quiltalong is called The Platte River. I bet some of you may still have a piece of this river fabric floating around! It's pretty old. I'm talking 20 years or more.

Box Hill is the name of Morris hexie #4. I combined machine and hand-piecing--but mostly hand.

Upton is #5 . . . 

And this is a variation of Upton. Read about them on Barbara's blog here. Do these greens look familiar? Both are oldies but goodies. I do like the way this block turned out . . .

. . . but it looks awfully dark next to the others so I'll change its position at some point. I have another idea for fabric surrounding the hexie rings so stay tuned . . . 

Have a wonderful week! 

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer


  1. The needle nest is adorable! Love the back as well as the front. That river fabric is wonderful! Love the hexagons too. I am not going to join in on that one. I have to stop somewhere!

  2. I totally agree that your needle nest is super cute! The red work designs are lovely. I don't have any of the River rock fabric, but I do have some of both Green's. I think the light one was a Smithonian fabric. If no one read my blog I would still do it simply for myself keeping organized and accountable and hopefully, seeing some progress.

  3. Cute red work needle nest! Your hexies are wonderful - especially love the birds! I cannot believe the fabulous things & most of all people I have "met" through blogging. It has open so many possibilities (though my sewing room seldom looks organized:-)

  4. Congrats for your needle !! It's super cute !!
    And I love the BB's blocks... but I definitively can't choose between both because I love the birds and green is one of my favourite color...

  5. Your blocks look great, especially your birds. So glad you liked my freezer paper technique for doing hexies - freezer paper sheets are a great tool. I use them for EPP and applique. Happy stitching.