Friday, February 3, 2023

This 'n That

I'm kind of all over the place with projects--quilt blocks, twin-size quilt, and Rolodex cards! 

The first four blocks of Call Me Crazy are done. They were all paper foundation-pieced and will finish at 6". The individual pieces are really small but there's always extra fabric allowance when cutting each one. I'm totally into re-organizing my scraps--again!

I made this top in a little over a month beginning the end of November. I'll show you details in another post. It's already been quilted and I'm sewing the binding on now.

I'm currently obsessed with Rolodex Art though my cards aren't "artsy" like so many of the ones I've seen on various sites. I tend to focus more on memories and have a list of categories to focus on: birds, childhood memories, autographs, flowers, etc. Look no further--I even had a vintage card file! 

I loved Little Golden Books when I was little and have really enjoyed looking at those boards on Pinterest. When I came across Ukelele and Her New Doll it jogged my memory! I not only had that book but my uncle had given me a little Hawaiian doll with a grass skirt. I had her up until a few years ago when we moved. Thankfully, I took photos of my little treasures! 

It's no surprise that I still have my high school autograph book. I copied Aunt Midgie's Valentine's Day message for the front of one card and on the back I added a photograph of her when she was a majorette in high school and another of me wearing her uniform on Halloween. 

This is just a sampling. I've made over 30 so far. My favorites are hand-writing samples. I'll take some close-ups of those for my next post. 

We finally got a picture of a deer on my trail cam! 

We are preparing for the Arctic Blast to come through tonight and tomorrow. It's currently -6 but could possibly hit -30 tonight. How will it ever be 40 degrees on Sunday?? That's what the forecast is . . . 

Stay warm!


Copyright 2023, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Are you making your call me crazy blocks smaller? Or is that the size they are in the original? I just read about the arctic blast! WOW!

  2. Wow! Love those crazy blocks. From paper to fabric your creativity is running on high octane. We had the artic blast earlier this week. Now it's a balmy 20°

  3. So fun to see your Call Me Crazy blocks. That is one I wish I was making.
    I haven't heard of Rolodex Art before this. What clever keepsakes.
    Oh, we had the arctic blast a few days ago. So bitter cold! Thirty below at night (without the windchill). Highs were still below zero in the single digits. Stay safe and warm!!

  4. Your little Call Me Crazy blocks are really cool. And I can't wait to see/read more about your medallion quilt because from the view of it hanging over the railing wow is beautiful. Your rolodex memory project - so creative! It's amazing how books from childhood can stay with us forever.