Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Envelope Wildflower Journal ++

I made Connie a little envelope wildflower journal for Christmas. It has photos of the wildflowers we've seen on our many hikes together. This is my second attempt at making a little journal using 2-1/2" x 4" colored envelopes. The first one was for my granddaughter's 19th birthday here.

The cover of this one is also fastened with silk ribbon, buttons and beads. This time I slipped some extra photos under the ribbon. 

The pages contain stickers and floral papers but tucked inside each envelope . . . 

 . . . is a photo of a wildflower--this a Painted Trillium--with the date written on the back. 


I alternated green and yellow envelopes. Tucked in this one is a photo of White Hepatica. 

At the beginning I tried inserting two pics in each envelope but the journal was way too thick and stressing the binding. But I managed to tuck in 2 here and there.

In one of the centerfold pockets I inserted a photo and seed packet of Giant Butterbur--a plant we saw at one of the gardens in Lake Placid. We were always in awe of the size of these gigantic leaves and I found some seeds online.  

Page 6 Trout Lily . . . 

Page 7 Red Trillium and that's it. I forgot to take photos of page 8 and the back--go figure!

On another note . . . 

The World University Games are being held in the North Country including Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington and, of course, Lake Placid.

There are signs all over--How Wilmington Does Winter, How New York Does Winter, etc.

The cauldron in Lake Placid. We've been watching the games on ESPN+ :)

For my December birthday and starting January 3rd, Little Farmhouse Flowers will be delivering a bouquet of tulips every Tuesday for 6-weeks. And at the same time they will pick up our food scraps for composting. I love that idea! 

That's all for now :)

Enjoy your week! 


Copyright 2023 Barbara Schaffer


  1. Your envelope journal is delightful. What a sweet and thoughtful gift. Enjoy your mid-winter tulips!

  2. Flowers everywhere. Your journal is very sweet. Did you print your own tiny photos? It's a very special gift.

  3. The journal is absolutely delightful. What a lovely gift.
    I imagine the hype isn't as heavy as when the Olympics came to town, but still fun to have the competitions to enjoy.
    That is such a cool birthday gift--gorgeous flowers!

  4. What an incredible gift. I love all the small details and adding the seed pack of a favorite flower was such a sweet touch. I'm sure she is treasuring it.
    I hope you'll share your beautiful tulips with us. What a nice thing to look forward to.
    Where is the snow? we have had none since a first little dusting in December.

  5. What a fantastic little journal. That took an amazing amount of organization. It is gorgeous and she will truly cherish it. I love the thought of a bouquet every week! I used to compost everything myself, but now we have a weekly pickup and it is so wonderful. We have so little that actually goes to the landfill now. Happy belated birthday!

  6. What a sweet and creative gift - such a celebration of flowers - and a friendship! A bouquet every week in winter - what a joy.