Wednesday, January 4, 2023

So Long, 2022! Part I

By now you all know I like to do an annual review of what I accomplished the previous year. In 2022 my main goal was to finish some UFOs, continue making monthly minis, and immerse myself in creativity after receiving a box of scraps from Carol Y :)

But let's start with the UFOs.

1. Philadelphia Pavement was the oldest UFO--started in 2003, top finished in 2017, and DONE in Feb. 2022. My original intention was to make a bed-size quilt. Can you imagine??

 2. Next up--I started Tumbler in 2015 but ironing the crosswise seams open created a stumbling block and I lost interest. Then 7 years later, I gave myself a pep talk and said "you can do this." I bit the bullet, re-ironed those seams and added a striped border. It is now a favorite.

3. Four Patch Strippy did not turn out how I expected it would. I used all large scale prints and leftover strips from prior quilts and all-in-all it sounded good. But by the time I put them all together it was a jumbled mess. Couldn't think of anything to make it better so that ended that! 

4. Morris Geese was started in 2021 when Barbara B. sent me some cutaways from her new William Morris fabric line. I made four Wild Goose Chase blocks using the paper foundation pieced pattern from the Deacon quilt. The setting was similar to the Tide Pools Quilt I saw on Pinterest but I would have been happier with a different  border print than what I ultimately chose. Just sayin'. 

 5. Also from 2021 was the Elizabeth Green Album Quilt. I purchased the templates at the thrift shop for 50-cents and didn't waste any time making blocks. I had just enough leftover border fabric to pull it all together. One of my favorites.

 6. Barb's Scraps hit a roadblock the end of 2021 and so it sat. Sound familiar? the answer came after I draped the unfinished center over the upstairs railing so I could look at it from below. A-ha! Strips were the answer and I had plenty!   

So finishing six UFOs was pretty good and I'm satisfied with that effort. I will have more quilts to show you next week--ones that were started and finished in 2022.  

Last Friday this little Chickadee flew into our door and ended up head down in the snow on our deck. I immediately ran out, picked it up and gently placed it on the table. Within 10 minutes it flew away! Now that's a happy ending :)

See you next week.

Copyright 2023, Barbara Schaffer


  1. You finished some major UFO'S. I think my favorite might be Philadelphia Pavement. The border fabric just contains the blocks with pizazz. Your quilts are the ultimate fabric envy.

  2. Wonderful parade of beautiful quilts!

  3. You made great progress finishing off some UFO's. I think my favorite might just be the first one. All those little squares add up to a LOT of work don't they. It always amazes me how tough these little birds are. We have several window hits every winter, and they nearly always survive and fly away within minutes. Of course we've also had them escape from hubby's hands when he brings them inside to "warm up". Thankfully he doesn't do that very often anymore!

  4. Some beautiful finishes here, Barbara! I'm very partial to the Tumblers, but the Album quilt calls to me pretty loudly, too! :)
    Nice of you to rescue the chickadee. We have birds fly into our solarium windows now and then. Sometimes I don't know it has happened until I find them later on. Always makes me sad.

  5. Happy New Year! wow what great year in review. I'm so happy the chickadee is okay! I had a stunned titmouse recently.