Wednesday, December 28, 2022

December Mini

This month's mini is another Snowball re-make from Dawn's auction quilt

When I took the original apart I saved only the blocks that were in good condition and stitched together.  

It still fascinates me that many of the snowballs have seams. 

I don't know what type of fabric the dark green print is but it's not cotton. It feels like a rayon and even made it through a washing without falling apart.  

This is actually my 4th little snowball quilt and they are all quilted the same: 1/4" inside each snowball, around the little hourglasses, and straight line quilting along the inner and outer borders. Nothing fancy. This piece is 15-1/2" x 26." 

Be sure and visit Wendy's blog to see the 2022 monthly mini finale! Thank you Wendy for keeping us going for another year!  

Two weeks before Christmas Connie took us for a drive to see the Snow Geese on Lake Champlain. We were nearly in Canada! And just yesterday she posted this video of wildlife captured on trail cams at various properties owned by the Adirondack Land Trust. Very cool, don't you think? Love the moose! Guess what? She gave me a trail cam for Christmas and I can't wait to see what we'll discover in our yard :)  

One week later we got 20+" of heavy wet snow and lost power for a day. But this is nothing compared to what Buffalo NY is experiencing in the western part of the state. Our grandson goes to college there but safely made it home for the holidays :)  

See you next week with my year in review :)


Copyright 2022, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Another excellent little finish, Barbara! I have a few vintage quilt tops and the piecing of fabric to get enough to make the needed shape seemed to be a common practice. I love discovering those little patched together pieces.
    Your nature shots are gorgeous. Oh, that is a lot of snow--and creates a lot of backbreaking work! Glad you are safe.
    I am off to watch your video now.

    1. That was a fun video. I loved it all, but the mama bear and her babies stands out the most for me.

  2. Making another snowball mini seemed appropriate with 20 new inches of snow. It must have been fun making a series of mini's from the same auction quilt. Loved the video's cam. Can't wait to see what you capture.

  3. Another darling mini! Haha snowball quilt- perfect!

  4. Oh how perfect, snowballs for December!! What an adorable mini! I just love how you have saved so many pieces from that quilt. And, yes it is always so intriguing to see tiny pieces that are made up of tinier pieces in these wonderful antique quilts. I'm happy to see you did not suffer much in that nasty storm. We lost power and internet for while, but were luckier than my children on the island. The astonomical high tide on Friday created extra problems for the immediate coast. They were stranded on the island for a few hours which hasn't happened in 20 years! All is well now. Hoping 2023 will not bring as many weather disasters. Happy New Year!

  5. It's such a charming mini! That's exciting to have a trail cam, and your setting is beautiful! 20+ is a LOT OF SNOW.

  6. A snowball quilt is perfect for the all the snow that you received. It is beautiful! wow
    Happy Happy New Year I always like to see what you are working on and look forward to 2023 and your posts.