Wednesday, January 11, 2023

So Long, 2022! Part II

When Carol Y. sent me a box of scraps in January '22, I couldn't wait to see what goodies were in it. What fun! I spent hours sorting, organizing, and setting aside pieces that spoke to me. Thank you, Carol!

First up, I cut and sewed strips of all sizes and widths into longer strips to make Scraps of Friendship. The border fabric came from the thrift shop :)

I immediately saw these fabrics come together for a possible February mini. I didn't intend for the piece to be heart-shaped but that's the fun of trying something new. Oh, and I finished it pillowcase-style.

There were several fairly large pieces with Apples and Pears that I cut into squares and paired them with solids from my stash. The border, too.  

Strings sewed onto 4-1/2" muslin foundations were so easy! I thought that green/pink border carried its weight with all the other intense colors throughout. 

Bits and Pieces was the culmination of delving into Carol's scraps. I was so into this piece making 10" blocks by cutting and slashing and chain piecing little bits together I learned so much. Namely, how hard it is to make improv blocks!

But there are still more scraps to play with and many will find their way into my new New Year's project making Call Me Crazy that is being offered by Gay Bomers at Sentimental Stitches. If you missed signing up you can still send her an email if you are interested. These blocks are 6" finished. I'm ready! 

Next week I'll show you the little wildflower journal that I made Connie for Christmas :)


Copyright 2023 Barbara Schaffer


  1. So many fun pieces you made! I agree about improv! Making everything fit can be a challenge.

  2. Gay's Call Me Crazy is probably the ultimate in insanity. I still have several of her BOMs on the go. Maybe I should just take all the blocks I have done on them so far and combine them into one big Crazy quilt.

  3. i'd say you did those scraps very proud....lovely each one!

  4. wow - what fun projects! You really got a lot bang out of those scraps. A little like old fashioned make so quilting.

  5. You have a real talent looking at those piles of scraps and creating!!