Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Digging Into Lots of Scraps :)

Thank you Carol Y. in VA for sending a huge box of scraps my way! There's just something about using someone else's scraps that sets me off in a new direction :) What fun!

In a big Staples box were three bags of scraps which Carol had accumulated over the past 45 years including some that belonged to her mother.  

I took the first bag and started sorting shapes and sizes.

I set aside these pieces as they spoke to me for a possible February mini :)

Some small scraps were already pieced together so I started with those and sewed them in a column on the far left. The large black, gray and multi prints were cut in wedge shapes that I sewed together for another column.

I decided to cut that black column in half and make it twice as long. That's much better. 

So as I continue to sort, iron, cut and sew, I'm striving for 54" columns that are determined by the width of the scraps. Carol mentioned there are scraps that she overdyed, some are cutaways from a pajama factory, others from clothing that were cut for the fabric. And she also worked in a quilt shop!

We finally got some snow! Of course, the first thing I noticed were the animal tracks in the driveway. Probably a little squirrel :)

Enjoy your week!


Copyright 2022, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Oh how wonderful! It looks as if we both hit the lottery as Carol sent some my way as well. Good for you for already starting on them. My grandson helped me go through them and we had so much fun. Hoping to make a few children's quilts for our group. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Sorting and planning is sometimes the best part. Have fun.

  3. So much fun! Working with scraps is so satisfying, it's sometimes hard to bother with the regular stash of yardage.

  4. A spontaneous generation quilt -- such fun!

  5. I love getting scraps from others too. It's the best present a quilter can give to another one I think. It looks like you are having a lot of fun with the "new" fabric. Enjoy! ;^)

  6. Carol has been very busy and very generous. I can't imagine how many scraps she had--I received a box as well, and have just been cutting little squares this evening for a mini from some of them. Looks like you are already putting your bounty to good use!

  7. What fun. I know what you mean about other people’s scraps. This idea sounds like it might make (another) fun challenge!

  8. Great inspiration for what to do with my accumulation of scraps, thanks.

    1. You're welcome! It's so easy to chain piece strips :)

  9. Someone else's scraps are always so fun!

  10. What a bag of fun! playing with someone else's scraps is the best! Jill Reid and I used to exchange bags.