Wednesday, January 26, 2022

January Mini ++

Here we are entering our 5th!! year of mini making under the guidance of Wendy, The Constant Quilter. Can you believe it? This month is quilt #49 :) If you haven't joined in on the fun there's always time to jump in. Check Wendy's blog the end of the month when she posts her own mini along with links to lots more. 

It's not surprising that I started with this asterisk block that was actually the sample for the little quilt I showed you last month. I followed the instructions for making these blocks on Darcy Quilts

I framed that little block with alternating 1/2" borders of black and Barbara B's Best of Morris prints . . . 

.. . . then added 2" floral borders and cornerstones. 

I had this wonderful blue leaf print that I purchased at Garden State Quilters (more than a few years ago) and put it on the back. It's hard to see the quilting lines but they are ITD around the inner borders and double zig-zags on the outer ones. The piece is 16-1/2" square. 

Every year I publish my blog using Blog2Print. I now have 7 years' worth. It's a great way to keep track of what I've done throughout the year. 

When I sat down to take a look I noticed on the very first page that two images were missing. Oh, no! I emailed customer service and within minutes I was told they would reprint the book. Thank you Blog2Print for your quick response :)

I bought myself a Christmas present--do you ever do that??? Both books are by Di Ford and I'm especially enjoying the second one where she talked about the types of fabrics she liked to use in her quilts.

The snow is piling up on our deck. It's so pretty outside--but C-O-L-D. The other day the nighttime temp hit -18 but this morning it's -6 warming up to a high of 6 deg at 2 pm :) 

That's all for now.

Copyright 2022, Barbara Schaffer


  1. I love the mini - the blue with the black just glows and it's stunning! What a great idea to publish your blog into a hard copy. I have always meant to look into doing that.

  2. This might just be my new favorite mini that you've made! Love the way you've bordered the asterisk block with those glowing Morris fabrics. Thanks for sharing the tutorial link for the asterisk block. Your weather looks about the same as ours, it's been a very cold January. Our temp dipped to -23 one night last week.

  3. That blue is really wonderful for your mini!!
    Winter wonderland!

  4. cute little the william morris print!

  5. I love your mini - absolutely beautiful fabric choices!

  6. You are so good at taking a little of this and a little bit of that and, tah dah, an awesome mini. The simplicity is perfect with the Morris prints and the black borders make the colors pop. Hope things warm up soon.

  7. Fun idea for a mini! I'm going to file that idea away...
    I think I had that same leaf print, but in a green colorway. Was yours a Jinny Beyer print? I think that's what mine was.

  8. This quilt is a perfect design for showing off those Morris prints. I adore it and I'm sure Barbara B. will be proud too. I'm glad to hear that Blog 2 Print was so accommodating. I just got my 2021 copy and the photos are small than last year. I think it is the way I ordered it. Somehow I can never remember to press the right buttons! Thanks for another great mini! We are do for our first real blizzard of the season tomorrow. Doesn't look like you will be getting it, but looks like you have quite a bit already. Enjoy the day!

  9. Oh, this just glows! What a stunning treatment you gave this block.
    Yes, I absolutely get myself a Christmas present--how else do you make sure you get something you love? ;) This year I bought myself some new dies for my Accuquilt cutter.
    I keep thinking I will order a book of my blog, but have yet to do it.
    The snowy scene is lovely!

  10. Your little quilt is so lovely. I really like the Di Ford books, I have the first one and happily refer to it whenever I need some inspiration. I really thought I would make the Phoebe quilt but it hasn't happened yet. Wish you could share some of that snow!

  11. So unique, and beautiful with all those Morris prints. Well done!

  12. Lovely January Mini~
    I have completely fallen off the blog2print wagon. I did it for years and it got away from me. I'll have to consider getting them printed again.
    I too like to buy myself a Christmas gift and it usually a quilt book. These books are perfect for you - enjoy!