Wednesday, April 27, 2022

April Mini and a Runner

Boy, the end of April sure came fast though I must admit I had made the top for this month's mini last month and then had to scramble to finish it on time :)

Where to start? With these scraps from Carol's box, of course, that were all marked on the back with a small Dresden Plate-like pattern. 

But they were lacking enough seam allowance to use them the way they were so I cut them all into 1-1/2" squares which I alternated with a neutral print. 

I added a small print brown border and used the same for the binding. 

I had this bird print that I purchased at the thrift shop a while ago and it was just the right size for the backing :) 

And talking about the thrift shop . . . 

Look what I bought for $1.00! This cute felt house runner that I put on the table.

It's all hand-stitched / embroidered with a road leading from the bottom to the top. 

So very improv, don't you think?

Cute windows and doors!

We took the long road to the top :) Anyway, I just love this piece with its large ric-rac trim! 

It was a gray day when we took the Lake Champlain ferry from Essex, NY to Charlotte, VT to have lunch with our friends. The trip only takes 25 minutes. 

I'm reading this book by local author Sara J. Henry and it begins with a ferry ride across Lake Champlain :)

Finally! The first wildflower sighting of spring :) A large patch of Colts Foot was right down the road. I even missed it the first time I walked by! 

Still waiting for warm, sunny days! 



Copyright 2022, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Absolute perfection! I love everything about this little gem, especially that you have once again utilized those yummy scraps from Carol. Fabulous! As for that little runner, I am coming to visit you so we can go to that thrift store!! I can't believe what you find there. Such fun. I'm glad they have someone like you to rescue these little treasures. Hurray for the Colt's Foot. We have had some out for a while, but last weekend we spotted our first Trailing Arbutus. My favorite! Although I must say it is getting a bit hard to scooch down to smell them and still be able to get back up!

  2. Awesome thrift store find! So many great little prints in your mini. Spring has been slow to show up here in Central Oregon.

  3. That is an incredible mini from the scraps. Love it so much! And that backing is perfect!
    A fun discovery of the early wildflowers. I need to get out on a mountain trail when it warms up again and see if the wildflowers are blooming. We had a few very warm days, but it is cold and cloudy again now.

  4. You found the perfect alternate print to showcase those gifted prints to perfection. And that backing fabric, be still my heart! I think you have the best thrift store in the state, that runner is a wonderful find. Eighties on Monday and flurries on Wednesday. The lawn needs mowin' but it still keeps snowin'!

  5. What an excellent mini! That is a wonderful mix of prints with the perfect tan “background” !

  6. You really created more magic with the scraps for your mini, and great use of your backing. You got a real find at your thrift store! The runner is as charming as can be and I can imagine a little kid playing with a matchbox car at your table.

  7. The box of scraps continue to produce with you creativity another charming little mini. Blending all those prints is no easy task. Your TS backing is wonderful. You do have the best shop. The runner is totally delightful. Don't you wish you knew more about it.

  8. I love your mini ! Simple pattern but how beautiful... and the backing fabric is stunning !

  9. Such lovely eye candy Barbara, I especially love your mini quilt. It's a wonderful finish.