Wednesday, April 20, 2022

UFO #2 is Done. . . Plus

Have you ever hit a brick wall and decided there wasn't anything more that could be done to make your quilt better? Or, how about just calling it quits? Well, that's what I did with the 4-Patch Strippy that I started last summer.

I was in a funk back then and decided to make something easy and 4-patches appealed to me. I had two strips of a blue/brown floral for side borders . . .

. . . and two strips of a bird print for the center. I had lots of large scale prints from other projects and started cutting 4-1/2" squares.  

I tried adding borders to the top and bottom but that just didn't work. So after multiple tries at a better 'finishing touch' I realized there was nothing more I could do (or wanted to do). So, to the longarmer it went :) It's kind of dark and jumbled in the middle but that's the way it is.

The fabric on the back is from The Old Sturbridge Village Anniversary Collection by Judie Rothermel for Marcus. The finished quilt is 38" x 48".

I changed the quilts on the railing in my sewing space and that always makes me happy. I also spent time cleaning and re-organizing. I had stuff EVERYWHERE! One improvement is that my projects are now in baskets on the floor instead of in piles. Ah, so much better!  

I hung my indigo and white minis. 

And bought a little Kolanchoe in an Easter bunny basket and put it on top of this month's mini for a table decoration.

I found this painting that my granddaughter did many years ago and propped it up on the kitchen counter for all to admire. She is now 21 and an art major :)

This was the sunset Easter evening . . . 

And this was yesterday morning! The nor'easter came our way with 9" of heavy, wet snow. We are still without power but luckily we had a generator installed last year :)

See you next week with my monthly mini!

Copyright 2022 Barbara Schaffer 


  1. Sometimes a quilt is just done when there is nowhere else for it to go. I love the vintage look of this.
    I love the view from your sewing loft. That is beautiful!
    Your Indigo grouping is really special.
    Beautiful sunset, and a crazy Spring snow!

  2. An important lesson for all artists is that not everything “works”; not everything is a success. Consider it a learning experience (think through why this didn’t work) and move on and it sounds like you’ve done that! Beautiful sunset! Lovely indigo quilts! Those baskets look inviting!

    1. It was definitely a learning experience! I do love those large prints, though, just not all together in one place :)

  3. I find your 4 oatch really appealing. It looks like the antique chintz quilts with the large scale prints and darker tones. I need to do more indigo and white minis. They look beautifully displayed. Organizing and cleaning are good, but displaying new quilts is even better for creative motivation. Sorry about that wet heavy snow.

  4. It seems we all have those quilts that never quite reach the level of our expectation when we began. They are all good learning experiences though. Your quilt showcases some beautiful fabrics and is very much in the spirit of many 19th century quilts I've seen in books. We also had snow at this end of the state but it melted today with the warmer temperatures and sunshine. I hope that's the last of it for at least 8 months!

  5. Your indigo and white minis look so great together in that nook. How completely charming to display your artist grand daughter's childhood artwork. Love it!

  6. Yes, sometimes the colors or fabrics just don't want to work well together. I think it has a cozy vibe regardless.:)

  7. Oh my, isn't it funny how we get jammed up in our idea of what a quilt will look like and then abandon it when it doesn't go right? I must say, I adore this strippy! It is definitely my kind of scrappy delicious goodness. I think it may grow on you as you let it mellow in the house. Hope you got to enjoy the snow after the power returned. What a surprise!

  8. I love that quilt and the lovely floral fabrics you used!!
    I just love your sewing space!

  9. I loved seeing all your little quilts display around your charming woodland home.
    the urn fabric on the back of your new scrappy doll quilt is one of my favorites.
    oh Snow! but it is pretty :) I'm sure spring is around the corner.