Wednesday, January 5, 2022

2021 is Gone!

So it's the beginning of a new year but before I jump in it's time to review what I made in 2021. I like doing this as it gives some perspective as to how I spent my quilting time :) And it looked something like this: Deacon blocks, mini, Deacon blocks, mini, maybe a quilt . . .

January 2021

I had been making Ella Maria Deacon quilt blocks since October 2019. These are #61-64.

This mini marked the beginning of the 4th year of mini-making with Wendy, The Constant Quilter and other bloggers who joined in on this fun activity!

 February 2021

I finished Barb's Baskets, a quilt I started in 2017 when I sewed along with Barb V. 

February Mini was put together using leftovers from a mini I made in 2020.

March 2021

I was working on Deacon blocks #69-72 counting up to #85.

Choosing orphan blocks from my pile this mini came together in no time at all.

April 2021

Deacon Blocks #73-76 included one broderie perse. 

Another mini using 4 leftover 9-patch blocks. 

May 2021 

Deacon Blocks #77-80. It was the second time making the one on the lower left. See the first above in January. 

A Pinterest-inspired mini.

June 2021

Finally! The last of the Deacon Blocks #81-85! For twenty-one months I really enjoyed the challenges that were presented when making these blocks :)

This month's mini was made from pre-cut flannel squares I purchased at the thrift shop. When it was done I donated it to the TS :)

More to come next week.

Last month, my daughter wrote in my birthday card, "For your 78th trip around the sun, we're giving you a monthly stop for fresh flowers." 

The first weekend of every month we'll go to Little Farmhouse Flowers to pick up a fresh bouquet where all flowers are grown on-site.

December's was dried flowers which I put in a bark container that I made in the 70s!

And last weekend we picked up these beautiful double red tulips . . .

. . . which have all opened to display these glorious blooms!

Well, that's it for now.

See you next week!

Copyright 2022, Barbara Schaffer


  1. What a lovely showing of your blocks and minis! Just glorious! How exciting to get flowers each month; what a treat! Have a wonderful new year; be healthy and safe.

    1. Thank you, Sharon! I love the idea of getting flowers every month! Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. What a productive quilter you are!
    I love the flower of the month idea!

  3. So much to love in this post! I'm curious: did you hand piece all the Deacon blocks, or is there some machine piecing in there? They're all stunning, either way.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! There's a little bit of everything: machine piecing, hand piecing, machine and hand applique and combinations. Whatever worked :)

  4. Monthly flowers, what a great idea! I love your birch bark container, it's perfect for the dried flowers and right at home in your cabin.

  5. Love your minis and your blocks. Flowers to enjoy each month, what a thoughtful gift. Enjoy! ;^)

  6. Your Deacon blocks are so beautiful, Barbara. You do such lovely work. It is fun to look back at your monthly minis. Each one is a treasure, but I do have a favorite. I don't know if the colors are coming through my monitor accurately, but April's mini appears to be a luscious madder creation, and that sang to me. :)
    The monthly flowers is a lovely idea. How sweet!

  7. What a wonderful review. It gives you a real insight on how much stitching and creating you have done and that's just for half the year!

  8. It's such a good idea to do a review like this. Your minis are so varied and each one is terrific in its own way. What a nice gift from your daughter!

  9. I especially love the basket quilt! Someday I plan on making one of those.

  10. Thanks! You'd enjoy making one!

  11. So many fabulous blocks completed!
    Wonderful collection of little quilts and I love your version of the basket quilt.
    The gift of flowers is just lovely. Enjoy! Your bark holder is so 70 sensational and I'm happy you still have it.