Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Ladies' Aid Sampler Blocks

Last fall I mentioned that I would be making some blocks for Barbara B's NY Ladies' Aid Sampler BOM and thought you'd like to see the first four. Barbara publishes a block on the 4th Wednesday of every month on her Civil War Quilts blog so I'll give you the links for March-June. Maybe you'll be inspired by all her research and the history that she provides to bring the war efforts to life.

Now that I live in NY this was the perfect opportunity to work on a NY-style quilt. This is Block #1: New York Tulip. I cut my background squares 13" but will trim the appliqued blocks to finish at 12". I'm trying to stay true to the originals Barbara has chosen from various NY sampler quilts. Here is the link to March's post. 

I've always been a fan of cows. What's not to love about them?? Would you believe I once had a license plate that started with the letters C-O-W? Really, I did:) So it was no surprise that I loved working on Block #2: Prize Cows. I knew right away I'd use that particular print from my stash just so I could position one of the those circles as the cow's eye. Did you know farm animals were popular motifs on NY sampler quilts? Read more about them here.   

Block #3: Floral Cockade was based on fashionable cockades that were made to show support during the war. I used the red print from Barbara's new Ladies' Legacy fabric line by Moda. It was perfect for this 1860's time period. Want to learn more about cockades and see some images? Here is the link to Barbara's blog post. 

Ladies Aid Album #4: Thoroughbred Horse appeared on Barbara's blog just last week. As soon as I saw this block it reminded me of all the hours I spent drawing horses when I was little. I also wanted to replicate the original block and found a palomino-colored fabric that once belonged to my mother when she was making quilts in the 1950s-60s. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy reading Barbara's blog posts with more inspirational blocks made by model-makers Barbara, Becky Brown, Denniele Bohannon, and Bettina Havig :)

But before you go, take a minute to visit Cecile's blog and scroll down to see her already-quilted Ladies' Aid blocks with a quick tutorial on how to quilt-as-you-go. Beautifully done, Cecile!    


Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer


  1. These blocks are so charming and it's fun to see how you've made them relevant to you.

  2. An impressive group of sample makers, Barbara.
    Your work is always top-notch, and these blocks prove my point. Great job positioning that dot perfectly for the cow's eye.

  3. Your blocks are terrific! I'm enjoying this project too!

  4. Ohhh your blocks are sooo beautiful !! Great job !
    Thank you for your support Barbara ! I adore to make this BOM !

  5. When Barbara Brackman had the stars In A Time Warp going way back... was it 2017? I started making those. I have more cut ready to sew, so I will probably have enough stars to make 2 quilts! I guess I better get at it!

  6. Wonderful blocks. Your applique is so well done - perfect to me.
    I'm enjoying watching all the different blocks being created.