Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Missed Christmas 2020? Missed birthdays? Missed graduation? We celebrated all of these a couple weeks ago when our family got together for a fun weekend.


My daughter and I put out a few Christmas decorations on the deck and strung lights between the doors and around the railing.  

Christmas morning breakfast included homemade waffles, fruit salad, bagels and cream cheese, and an egg/sausage/bread/milk/cheese casserole that I've been making every year since at least 1985! 

This spring, my oldest granddaughter asked if she could have one of my quilts and fell in love with Flying Geese--a quilt I made for my in-laws in 1977. Interesting how 70s things are back in style :) But she also wanted to make sure her siblings weren't left out and asked, "Grandma, can they also choose a quilt?" 

My grandson liked Broken Dishes

And my other granddaughter chose Gypsy Wife aka The Gypsies Are in Town. I just love the fact they were all interested in my quilts :)

After opening presents, we went to Mt. Van Hoevenberg in Lake Placid . . . 

. . . where the kids went on the new Cliffside Coaster which is next to the old 1932 and 1980 Olympic Bobsled Track. Then we all came back to the house for a late lunch/early dinner of Adirondack Gourmet sandwiches and salad that I ordered from a shop in Lake Placid. No cooking this Christmas Day! Yay!

All in all it was a wonderful weekend!  

See you next week with my monthly mini.



Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Oh what a wonderful gathering. It is so special when young people take an interest in treasures like a grandmother's quilt. They will all cherish them I'm sure. So happy you were finally able to have a family gathering.

  2. The best Christmas gift a grandma can have, the grandkids appreciating and wanting our quilts. I love the delighted look on your granddaughter's face as she holds up the Gypsy quilt.

  3. Wonderful you could be together--2020 disrupted so many lives and events. Not surprised your Grandchildren have shown an interest in your quilts--they know something good when they see it

  4. What a brilliant idea, celebrating those missed holidays! And how rewarding to pass along a heirloom quilts to your grandkids, who clearly love and appreciate them.

  5. What a wonderful celebration! These delayed parties has such a special meaning and glad your family had a great time together. Passing on some of your beautiful quilts to your grandchildren who appreciate your work was a lovely way to end your gathering. Your menu sounded and looked delicious. 😊

  6. Wonderful and unforgettable moments with your family !!!
    Your grandchildren chose beautiful quilts !!
    What a source of pride for you !!

  7. Happy birthday / graduation / Christmas! I am glad you were finally able to get together and celebrate. We will have our first gathering next week. That is sweet that your grandchildren can enjoy your quilts.

  8. Wonderful too that they can choose them while you are around, so you can see how happy they are to get them!

  9. Looks like a wonderful celebration! I loved the photo of your grandchildren with their quilts.
    That coaster looks fun. I'd give it a go.
    what nice memories for you all.