Wednesday, July 28, 2021

July Mini, Mural, Flowers, Sunset

This month's mini started with 7 strips which . . .

 . . . were leftover from another project I'd been working on.

So why not cut those strips in half . . . 

. . . then in half again and add some squiggles.


Simple vertical line quilting was all it needed. So quick and easy!

Wendy will be posting her mini in a couple days so be sure to stop by :)

How is this for a cool building? It's in Saranac Lake, NY, on the other side of Lake Placid. The mural depicts the head of Medusa as seen on the Sicilian flag but includes the black and white speckled wings of a loon from the Adirondacks :)

The flowers on our front porch are thriving but every few days I rotate the hanging basket to take advantage of the sun. 

Close-up of Viper's Bugloss wildflower. Love the colors, don't you?

I literally have hundreds of photos of this view from our deck but when the sun's reflection on the river caught my eye I simply couldn't resist--again!

Can you believe it's the end of July already??


Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer 


  1. What a great little mini you created out of leftover pieces. I've got to get better at that. I've just got to get better at sitting down and playing with what I have! So many nice fabrics just waiting. Anyway, I also love the Viper's Bugloss wildflower! What a gorgeous color. We don't have those here in N.E. Massachusetts that I know of. I do have the cutest little creeping wildflower that has coral blossoms. Tiny little coral flowers and I just love it. I have no idea what kind of wildflower it is though, can't find it in any book. I smiled when I saw your photo of the view from your deck, lol. We have so many pictures of the view from our camp of Lake Winnipesaukee and the setting sun...or the sunrise...even the misty cloudy days where you can't see the mountains beyond. But each one is beautiful. Never get tired of it. Is that a river you are looking at? Or a lake? It is a beautiful view! Jan in MA

  2. Your little stack and slash project resulted in a beautiful mini quilt. I love all the little toile pieces you use for so many of your quilt backs. What a serene view from the deck of your cabin.

  3. Yes, hard to believe its almost end of July. Beautiful post. Murals have become a favorite of mine to watch for. Seems like they are popping up everywhere and very eye catching. Enjoy what's left of summer.
    Rondi /

    1. Thanks for stopping by! There was an article in the local paper about that mural so we had to check it out. So glad we did!

  4. Lovely mini and so easy! It's amazing how good something made with a few scraps can look!

    1. Thank you! It was a spur of the moment project which made it even better :)

  5. Ta Dah, is right. I think it's magic how you can take a stripped fabric combo and create an awesome July mini.

  6. Well that was a great solution for leftover strips. I adore it! That serpentine is one of my favorite fabrics and it is perfect for this mini! Thanks for another great mini. You have some of the most wonderful wildflowers. I have never seen that one and it is gorgeous.

  7. great and clever little quilt this month. I uses one of my favorite serpentine fabrics.
    That is a wonderful building mural. Love public art!
    Your flowers are beautiful and who can resist sunlight on water? Beautiful photo!

  8. Oh I love it when a quilt comes together like this one did. How fun!