Wednesday, March 10, 2021

AQSG Study Centers

Last weekend (2/27 & 2/28) Rachel and I attended (via Zoom) three study centers that were being offered by AQSG. In 1998 we went to Sturbridge Village for our first seminar so when we saw Lynne Bassett's session, "Northern Comfort--22 Years Later" we signed up. And when each of us opened our Northern Comfort book this is what we found. . .

A pic of me . . .

. . . and one of Rachel. Who knew?? Never even gave it a thought after all these years. 

During the powerpoint presentations I took some pics :)

Natalie and Rita were also with us and we all obsessed over this quilt in the exhibit. We spent nearly every spare minute drafting measurements on paper napkins :) My attempt at reproducing it was quite unsuccessful mainly due to that blue border but I made some adjustments and finally finished it. You can read about it here. Natalie and I both purchased the same fabric for the alternate strips. Rita finished hers but I don't have a pic and Rachel still has her fabrics stashed away :)

A detail of that quilt.

The next session we attended was Sandra Starley's "It's All About the Fabrics". Sandra has a wonderful collection of antique quilts and this fantastic inked design appeared in one of them. 

This is such an unusual pattern. Have you ever seen it before?

The last session was Anita Loscalzo's "Prussian Blue." This fabric . . .

. . . appears in the President's Medallion quilt in our NJ book. Take another look if you have a minute. It's on page 222. 

Some examples of Prussian blue--my favorite color! Note the leafy quilting designs in the blocks on the right. 

This really spoke to me! Love the warm scrappy feel with pops of Prussian blue. 

All in all we enjoyed every session we attended and would encourage you to join in the next time AQSG offers virtual study centers. So easy and no travel involved :)

On another note . . . 

I was thrilled to be a winner of Kyle's (Timeless Reflections blog) give-away! This beautifully-made bag is perfect for all kinds of "quilty" projects. There was even an extra goodie tucked inside :) Thank you so much, Kyle! See how she does it here and here. Enjoy! 

It's going to be spring-like for the next few days. Time to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine!

Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer


  1. I'm going to try to comment, but try as I might, my comment did not end up on your mini post. Oh don't you just love technology? At least the link up worked! I adored you mini anyway! And this post is just to funny. I was at that seminar in 1998 with Cyndi Black. We had to speak about the Maine project and I was so nervous. I think it is so funny that you found those photos. I went back to your post of the reproduction quilt and fell down a rabbit hole looking at all your wonderful photos from 2014 and before. What fun! I'm so happy you won one of Kyle's bags too. They are so beautiful and so handy!

  2. What a wonderful post about your seminar. Loved seeing your pic. I did go back and read about your quilt. And like Wendy read many of your other posts. What wonderful history. I'm glad you like the project bag. We might as well keep all those projects in something cute.

  3. Sounds like fun to be able to have these Zoom meetings. And I enjoyed the "blast from the past" photos.
    The Presidents fabric is fabulous! Wouldn't we love some of it now?
    Congrats on your win of one of Kyle's bags. They looks really handy!

  4. I too went back and reread your post about making your version of that Capen family quilt, and then got sucked into that same rabbit hole of older posts, lol! Isn't it wonderful how lovely those browns and blues look together. My son just gave me the Northern Comfort book for Christmas so of course that came back out for a reread. Wonderful little project bag from Kyle, they look so useful for toting around applique projects.

  5. I love seeing these photos! I "attended" several study centers too although I was constrained somewhat by time zone differences. I was SO glad AQSG did these virtual study centers! I am a fairly new member but have learned so much. Love your blog, new posts and old!

  6. Zoom is so good for those who many be too far away. I think it will be a part of lives when covid is over.
    It looks like amazing classes!!

  7. Soooo glad you were able to attend my Study Center and enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing and spreading the word about my collection and supporting AQSG as well.