Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Deacon Blocks 69-72

 Moving right along . . . :)

These are the blocks for Month 19--can you believe it? 

                                         Original attributed to Mary Deacon 1841

Block 69. I really enjoyed making this one. I appliqued all the yellow petals first followed by the reds. 

                                        Original attributed to M A Buzby 1841

Block 70. Often it takes some studying to figure out how to tackle these blocks. I always trim the extra layer of fabric on the back.

                                         Original attributed to William Deacon

Block 71 was paper-pieced. I have to remind myself every time to pay extra attention when ironing each section. It's so easy to not get it flat which causes problems in the end. That happened with this block. I had to rip out two long seams and re-do.

                                       Original attributed to Wm C Snyder April 1842

Block 72 was a bit of a challenge. I sort of cringed when I first saw this one and that's why I saved it till last. I must say I had my doubts but it all came together. A good thing because I wasn't doing it over!

Blocks 69-72 with only two more months to go . . . :)

You'll want to hop on over to Barbara B's Civil War Blog announcing her new Ladies' Legacy fabric line and Ladies' Aid NY Sampler BOM which starts in 2 weeks. I'll be making blocks using my repro stash. The large appliques are so much fun! Hope you'll join in! 


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  1. I would have cringed too with #72. You nailed it perfectly! This collection of incredibly challenging blocks will be unbelievable. Not many quilters would be up to the challenge.

  2. I will join Barbara's BOM with my own stash too !
    Your blocks are beautiful as always !!

  3. OOoh, that circular block looks challenging. I so admire your stick-to-itness! Only two months to go - wow

  4. Your blocks are absolutely beautiful!

  5. You did a great job with all of these. Way behind my skill level.

  6. I saw your name on Barbara's announcement post. I can't wait to start and watch your progress too. This is a fabulous group of blocks. I think #69 is my all time favorite. I can't even imagine making #72. Gorgeous!