Saturday, February 27, 2021

February Mini

 Just in the nick of time!

While digging through a drawer of rejects, orphan blocks, etc., I came across these hsts and immediately paired them with a large scale border print. Found a backing and quilted diagonal rows for the finish. Voila! Quick and easy! It's 10" x 12". 

Note these triangle prints . . .

. . . they are the same ones I used when I made my Feb 2018 mini. What a surprise!

Be sure to visit Wendy's blog to see more fabulous minis!   

Some winter scenery . . . 

The view at the end of a snowshoe hike with my daughter.

A #10 Adirondack blue sky day.

More prints in the driveway.

Ausable Point on Lake Champlain where Bald Eagles had been spotted this week.

We get vaccinated next week. Yay!

Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer



  1. Those hst's have come full circle, one mini to another. I love the simplicity of of this recent quilt. IRS how I've been feeling lately, keeping life simple. Your winter photos are lovely.

  2. Love your mini. It's funny that you used them in 2018 and they are still around in 2021. Proof that they do multiply when left alone, haha. I agree with you. That sky is perfect blue. Wow! We don't get such a deep blue here. ;^)

  3. What fun to rediscover units that were just right a couple of years ago, and to find that they are still just right. It got to 50 today in Chicagoland. The snow is melting!

  4. Swe e t little mini, and how fun to find the same triangles again. It has slowly been warming up a little here and the robins have returned en masse.

  5. Love that little mini. Your quilting lines look so perfectly straight!
    How funny that these same fabrics were in your mini 2 years ago. Maybe these are just February fabrics, and no two ways about it. :)
    Lovely views of your surroundings!

  6. Your mini is sooo sweet and the quilting accurate !
    Thank you for sharing pictures of snow !! They are beautiful !

  7. Recycled triangles ... I love it!

  8. What a beautiful winter landscape, sunny too. And another sweet mini!

  9. Pretty mini, I love your fabrics!

  10. Such a pretty mini and that border fabric is perfect for it!

  11. Lovely to put those sweet hst into a sweet little quilt.
    Thanks for the snowy photos.
    I spotting 2 bald eagles in NJ last week high in a pinetree off rt 80.