Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Deacon Blocks 65-68

Another month, another 4, and only 17 more to the finish line . . . 

We're finally closing in on the center section :)

                                         Block 65 attributed to Abigail S Coles New Jersey

I really enjoyed making this simple yet effective block.

                                                 Block 66 attributed to S.W. Coles

That appliqued center took forever :)

                                         Block 67 "4 mo 14th 1842 Richard Buzby"

There are so many different reds in this quilt.

                                       Block 68 attributed to Elizabeth B Deacon 1842

What's wrong with that center? It's slanted and drives me crazy! 

This month's group of 4 :)

Last week I received an envelope of selvage snippets from Nancy in MI. Thank you so much! I already have something in mind :)

I'll be back on Sunday with my monthly mini. Until then enjoy the rest of your week!


Copyright 2021, Barbara Schaffer 


  1. You do such beautiful work! You should be very proud! ---"Love"

  2. You never cease to amaze me. They are stunning. And so many of them are challenging to say the least. Good job!

  3. Another set of beautiful blocks. Have started to sew any of them together yet?

  4. Wow and wow.... your blocks are soooo beautiful !!

  5. Beautiful blocks, Barbara! And so exciting to be so near the finish with them.
    Loved the funny at the end! :)

  6. Wonderful work! Definitely some tricky applique there.:)

  7. Beautiful blocks Barbara~!
    This is going to be incredible.