Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Deacon Blocks 9-12

It's been a fun yet challenging month of making the next four Deacon blocks. When I decided I was going to participate in this sew-along, I was convinced I'd be doing some of the more difficult blocks by hand because I'd be more precise. But now I find it's the perfect opportunity to try some new methods.

 This month's blocks were on opposite ends of the quilt.

#9 was Flying Geese but I actually saved it until last to make because I wasn't sure what method I wanted to use. But I caved in and tried foundation piecing. This was definitely a challenge for me as I've only used this method once before on a small quilt years ago.  

I did my share of ripping out and replacing pieces that I sliced by mistake but it turned out exactly 9-1/2" square (unfinished size) so I was happy about that! 

#10 was a broderie perse block as shown in the original quilt above. Check out the fabric. 

I still had some of this beautiful reproduction by Kaye England called Matters of the Heart so there was no need to search any further :)

I tried Edyta Sitar's method of broderie perse as described in her book, Handfuls of Scraps. I cut out the motifs and added an 1/8" all around. I fused each piece to the background and finished it off with a close zig-zag stitch. It worked out fine.

This is my finished block.

#11 Applique Swirl (for lack of a better name) was originally made in 1842 by Rebecca of Philadelphia (don't you love the way she signed her name??). It's all one piece and I found those inner curves to be a bit of a challenge.

#12 Framed Star (?). I love the way this looks but feel I could have been a little more precise with my piecing. Oh, well!

I'm really looking forward to Saturday when the next set of blocks will be available!

Have a wonderful week!

Copyright 2019, Barbara Schaffer


  1. These blocks seemed to be about precision and your precise piecing! I have a hard time with paper piecing too until you get into the rhythm. The blocks do come out perfectly, though. Kaye England must have used that antique fabric as her inspiration. It looks like a perfect match. How lucky that you still had some.

  2. It's challenging to attempt new or difficult techniques but so rewarding when the blocks come out so perfect as yours have.

    1. Thanks! I feel like I challenged myself and was pleased with the results :)

  3. Oh these are simply gorgeous! I think that last block IS perfectly precise! I'd like to say that you have inspired me to begin mine, but so far all I have done is buy the patterns. I am really enjoying watching your progress!

  4. All I can see are wonderfully made blocks. They are gorgeous! You had the perfect fabric for the broderie perse. Wow! Such a lovely print. Great job! ;^)

  5. Your blocks are fabulous .... You gave me an idea ! I'm going to try the fusable method for appliqué !

  6. Your blocks look really great. What a great idea to try different techniques to achieve the look. The broderie perse looks terrific. I'll have to remember that.
    How many blocks do you have finished now?

  7. Wonderful blocks! I have a love/hate relationship with foundation piecing. I love the precise results, but hate the fussiness of the process, and the need to remove papers. But I do it because of the outcome.
    Your broderie perse block is gorgeous!
    The swirl block would have scared me off. Yours looks really good.
    And I see precision in the last block. Don't know why you don't. :)