Wednesday, November 20, 2019

It's A Finish and Early Toile

The Cross Variation quilt that I started in July is done!

It went together quickly and I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. It's 35" x 46".

Barbie quilted it for me in a leafy/floral design. It was just the right scale for this size quilt.

The dark blue print is from Barbara B's Alice's Scrapbag collection :)

I nearly forgot I had that wonderful stripe. It was perfect for the binding.

These are the fabrics I put on the back. I try and buy Mary Koval's fabrics when they are on sale at Hancock's online and the one on the top is Larisa c. 1870 by Windham Fabrics.


Wanna see a gorgeous toile??

I finally got to see the quilt top that's been displayed folded on a chair in The Force Homestead which our local historical society maintains.

Check out this pink. 

 Love this dwelling.

Clouds and trees. 

And the edge triangle fabric :) Made my day!

Enjoy your week!

Copyright 2019, Barbara Schaffer



  1. Your Cross Variation quilt is delightful. Each block is a little treasure. That pink toile is awesome. Looks like a shocking pink color with a very detailed picture. Pretty.

  2. Your cross quilt is terrific! Love that binding!!
    The pink toile is certainly lovely!!

  3. Your cross quilt is wonderful, Barbara. I can't remember clearly, but were you replicating a vintage quilt? I really like the blocks where things are turned differently from the rest of the blocks--or the one with no center cornerstone. Great little quirky blocks.
    That is a gorgeous toile!

  4. Your cross quilt is just fabulous !! I love all the fabrics you used in it !
    The Toile is gorgeous !! As a French, I love them a lot !

  5. Gorgeous toile! Does it have a history attached to the building like the toile in Lori's latest mini (Humble Quilts blog)?

  6. You had me at Toile. IT is gorgeous! what an interesting cloudy sky and I love the stone building.
    Congrats on your new finish! It is fun to study the different fabrics and I really like the value changes. Wonderful binding too!

  7. The cross variation quilt is so pretty. I really like the fabrics you chose for it. It is amazing how different blocks look based on color placement.

  8. It's amazing the variety you've achieved with those blocks! Great toile too! And pink, my fave.