Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Back Up 2 Weeks

I wanted to share some photos of The Serenity Garden that I took a couple of weeks ago. The garden is located in the middle of nowhere about 1/2 hour from our cabin. My daughter and I had stopped on our way to buy Honeycrisp apples at a local orchard :) 

This garden is amazing. It's a place to reflect, paint a rock, leave food, or take what you need. 


It's near a pond with a swan decoy :)

There are beautiful plantings . . .


. . . stone pathways, terraced gardens, and gorgeous mums.

There's also a birdhouse . . . 

. . . and lots of stones where people can be creative and paint whatever they like.

 "Paint only on this wall. No spray paint. Thank u." 

I'm so glad we stopped. It's truly a special place :)

On another note . . . 

On a clear day you can see the skyline of NYC from the 9-11 memorial at one of our NJ county parks :)

This statue is dedicated to the Search & Rescue Dogs of 9/11/2001. 

The bees were certainly busy on this beautiful sunny day!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Copyright 2019, Barbara Schaffer



  1. What a wonderful and intriguing place. The world needs more serenity gardens! It is hard to believe that you can see the city skyline from such a peaceful place. And, it is good to see that people recognize the 911 service animals for their unconditional love and devotion to humankind.

  2. I love this visit to the Serenity Garden. What a special place.
    Great skyline of NYC in the distance from the 9-11 memorial. It's incredible.

  3. What a wonderful park. Your pictures are so beautiful, Barbara.

  4. The garden looks so peaceful and beautiful.
    Love the dog memorial- still so sad after all these years.

  5. What a wonderful garden to visit and enjoy the calm and serene spirit. Amazing to see NYC skyline off in the distance.

  6. What a cool place - just a generous place in all ways. Oh, love NYC. Poignant statue - those brave dogs.

  7. What a special garden. So kind and gentle. We need so much more of that in the world.
    great photo of NYC and what an awesome dog memorial. Love it.

  8. A wonderful idea to have a Serenity Garden - something in much need in the turbulent times we live in. Those dedicated pups from 9/11 make the heart swell with emotion...a lovely tribute for them.