Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Triple Play 2

So this is what I do at 4:30 a.m.--the blues just keep on going, lol!

This time I actually eye-balled the quilting lines. No marking.

The last of the blue squares.

And to switch things up a little I did a single fold 3/8" binding rather than a double. I attached the binding strip to the quilt's edges and then trimmed the seam allowance. Would you believe I actually slit the fold at one of the corners by mistake?? That was a real surprise! But I was able to repair it without removing and inserting a new piece :) Whew!

Another fat quarter came in handy for the back.

I added a little "thread flower" to fill in the empty space on the label :)

The first two.
Next week I'll show you #3 :) 

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer 



  1. Oh I like this one as much as #1! I always use a single binding even on my large quilts as I like the fell of a less bulky binding. And, of course I have never cut a corner while trimming off excess fabric - wink! Glad you were able to fix it without removing the whole thing. Can't wait to see #3. You are on a roll!

  2. That is darling. I've cut a corner once too trying to trim the binding once it was on. That was the last time I did it!

  3. Oh great job Barbara ! I love both of your quilts !

  4. Love the twosome and I'm sure the triple play will fit in perfectly. It does feel good to use up a few pieces here and there, although, these little guys don't seem to make the pile any less.

  5. Two very sweet little finishes. I look forward to seeing #3. Never can resist little quilts in patriotic colors. :)

  6. Very nice. Good job on the quilting without predrawn lines. The embroidered design is a nice touch to your label.

  7. they make such a sweet pair of minis. I love that backing B&W.