Thursday, August 9, 2018

Little Applique Blocks

I'm hooked on these sweet 8" Dear Daughter blocks that are being offered by Gaye at Sentimental Stitches.

I started this project a few months ago concentrating on blocks that were attributed to NJ--specifically, the one on the top left and the three on the right. The originals were signed by members of the Dunham and Clawson families in Piscataway and Marlboro in the central part of the state. 

After I made the first three I couldn't wait for the next set to become available so decided to recreate the center of this block that I made a while ago also from a NJ quilt.

For some reason I'm focused on using green with touches of red and am liking the way it looks.

I added the red dot to this one.

I think these small blocks are charming and they're so easy to work on during hot summer days.

I've prepped the next one but reversed the colors as shown in the original above. I traced the pattern onto my background square using a blue Frixion pen and will outline the appliques with an 01 black Pigma pen. Any blue lines that show when I'm done will disappear with an iron.  

Check out Barbara B's post this week to see some new ideas for setting the Antebellum blocks including a NJ quilt and my small Chimney Sweep. Thanks, Barbara!

Happy August!

Copyright 2018, Barbara Schaffer




  1. Your Dear Daughter blocks are coming along beautifully - wonderful applique! Hoping to start later this coming winter, have been faithfully downloading each set. Gay offers such a generous BOM & I have enjoyed 2 of her other big projects. Like you, the names and locations drew me in on this one. Randolph & Wisconsin!

  2. These are charming little Applique blocks and are a great way to beat the heat. Love just the touch of red.

  3. These blocks are so sweet. I love your addition of the red circle. The other addition from the NJ block is very unique. It almost looks like the top of a Celtic Cross. I have never used a Frixion pen, just too chicken! Guess that is why I hate to mark, I limit myself to old fashioned pencils!

  4. A delightful look to these blocks to have them in red and green. You do a beautiful job with your applique!

  5. They all look lovely! I'm saving the patterns.:)

  6. What sweet little blocks. Red and Green are always a winning combination.