Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Two Minis, Tumblers, and Hexies

Do you ever jump from one project to another?? Ha! I bet that's a loaded question! Well, that's what last week was like for me.  

It all began when I decided to make another mini tumbler like this one that I made a few years ago. I copied the paper piecing strips . . .

. . . without realizing that my printer was set at 85% original size. So this piece turned out to be a bit smaller than I expected. I had plenty of 2" squares to play with and got back into the rhythm of paper piecing.

Then I decided to sew together these 5" tumblers which have been sitting in a drawer. They almost look giant! I have some ideas . . .

Back to another mini. The 1-1/2" hsts were staring at me and in no time at all I had another little top together. 

And quilted both on the machine. Here are the backs. Each one measures about 10" x 12".   

It took me a week of shuffling hexies around to come up with the final layout and this is it. Now it's time to take them off my wall.  I printed a photo on letter-size paper to use as a reference so I can start sewing them together :)

Have a great week! 

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer


  1. Those minis are adorable. The big ones are beautiful too and I look forward to the end result. Funny when you mentioned printing out a picture for reference. I remember when I used to use a polaroid to do that. Now all we have to do is take a photo and voila! You don't even have to print it if you use a portable device. Gee Whiz, we have come a long way!

  2. You did some wonderful jumping this week. The mini's are sweet and your super mini size is delightful. It's a great layout of your Morris hexies and the large prints are great.

  3. I love your doll quilt ! They are very fun to make humm ?
    Your hexies hexathons are gorgeous and can't wait to admire your quilt finished ! The setting with all these flowers around is beautiful Barbara ! Congrats !

  4. Your small quilts are wonderful! They can be like eating candy and one idea leads to another.
    Your hexies are gorgeous! good balance in your placement for sure.

  5. Thinking most quilters possess frog genes which allow us to do that jumping!! Wonderful mini tumblers - Paper piecing sounds much more efficient then the tiny templates I own and have not used. Gorgeous hexies project and a great idea to take a photo for placement.