Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Quilters Madder, Downy, and Pinterest

It's time to link up with all the other quilters who participated in Lori's Quilters Madder QAL. Be sure to check Humble Quilts blog on Friday to see all the little quilts. I really enjoyed this QAL and kept up with Lori's weekly instructions but discovered I had cut more pieces than I actually needed!

The criteria was madder, black and white or off-white shirtings, and one pink.  

And I do like that touch of pink!

I machine quilted it in triple lines and x's.


The back. 


The extra pieces were just enough for this mini. It's 14" x 14".

Quilted in 1" crosshatch over the entire piece. 


Together up on my wall :)


And look who made a home in our garage. A little Downy Woodpecker. That hole is nearly perfect!

Make sure you check out my Quilt Show Quilts board on Pinterest. I added lots more photographs from the Warwick show including this one: 


A Labor of Love by Francisca Rodriguez. She wrote "This quilt is made from my granddaughter's childhood dresses, each dress is an exact copy of the original. Quilted on my home machine."


Beautifully quilted and two well-deserved ribbons!

Enjoy your week everyone! 

Copyright 2016, Barbara Schaffer 


  1. Oh I love both your little "madder" quilts. Delicious! That Downy is so sweet. I had one pecking on my sewing room window last week. Wonder if I have bugs in my sills? Thanks for sharing the show quilts too.

  2. Your quilt madder is beautiful and i haven't quilted mine yet ...lovely little bird ! What a beautiful surprise in your garage...thank you for the pictures about this stunning quilt. The quilting is awesome !

  3. Loved your little madder quilt. The pink strip gives the top some movement and lightens up the whole top. The little downy woodpecker is so cute peeking out. Hope he doesn't get carried away with holes.

  4. Beautiful job on the SAL quilt, Barbara! And I LOVE that you made a mini with the leftovers. We think on the same wavelength. : )
    That quilt of the granddaughter's dresses is incredible! I think the winning of that pink ribbon is perfect.

  5. Absolutely love your madder quilts -- and especially the small one. I have not been able to finish mine yet but now know what to try with the extras!! Thank you.

  6. Hi Barbara! I, too think the pink adds a nice touch! Yours are incredible! Love the mini!!

    The dress quilt is amazing! What beautiful workmanship! Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings and hugs!

  7. Ohhh how lovely.. love them both but especially the mini.. it's so very sweet!! I love Lori's QALS :))

  8. Your little SAL quilts turned out great. I always love a touch of pink, lol
    I'm off to see your pinterest board.
    That quilting is fabulous!

  9. Both madder quilts are wonderful, especially the tiny one.
    And your little woodpecker is so adorable! He looks a bit--guilty? Wary?

  10. Thanks for sewing a long this year! Love your striped pink. It adds a bit of spark!